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  1. Russrat

    College Football

    Eat em up Tigahs!
  2. Russrat

    Best Combination of Efficiency and Comfort?

    My two razors that best fit your criteria are: 1) 17-4; 2) Karve SB F Plate
  3. Russrat

    Worst Blade

    For me, it’s 7:00 Greens
  4. Russrat

    Your Most Efficient Razor?

    Which has more blade feel?
  5. Russrat

    College Football

    Geaux Tigahs. Alternate universe; great offense porous defense. I guess I’ll wake from the dream soon.
  6. Russrat

    Barrister and Mann Reserve Classic

    That’s weird. It’s supposed to be a dupe of Gillette Sun Up, which has a very clean, fresh scent. Go figure.
  7. Russrat

    College Football

    I agree, Michigan looks quite overrated.
  8. Russrat

    College Football

    Geaux Tigahs!
  9. Russrat

    FS Hardware and Software

    I’ll take the B&M Gothique if still available
  10. Russrat

    Grooming Department Disappointment

    This happened to me with one tub of Coattails and a tub of Angel. However, both soaps were just so darn good, I really didn’t care that I only got about 25-30 shaves. My other 40 tubs of GD all seem to last about 50-60 shaves
  11. Russrat

    How many ties do you own?

    Just counted, it’s 234. Some are out of styles and should be given to Salvation Army. I usually do that every couple years.
  12. Russrat

    How many shave brushes do you own?

    52, all badgers.
  13. Russrat

    Calling all Louisiana members

    Fine performance. Very happy for those boys, their families and their coaches.
  14. Russrat

    FS Paradigm 17-4

    Have one of these. Not sure anyone has ever made a better razor. GLWTS
  15. Russrat

    What aftershave soap combination did you pick today?

    SV Cubebe Soap and AS
  16. Russrat

    Work Appropriate Aftershave

    Speick or Lucky Tiger. They your scent sillage on the head and both are top tier performers.
  17. Russrat

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    B&M Reserve Lavender
  18. Russrat

    What were some products you had regretted purchasing?

    MDC soap. Totally dried my face.
  19. Russrat

    FS A few things...

    How much does Back Roads charge to re-plate a new in 24K? Thanks, Rusty
  20. Russrat

    Aristocrat ID

    Thanks for all the helpful insight. Do they shave similar to the 1st gen #15?