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  1. Leverspro

    FT Charcoal Goods brass torpedo handle

    Looking to trade a CG'S torpedo handle in brass for something CG'S in copper to match my copper razor head. Prefer Canada trade. I'd like to get the copper Vertigo, but would consider others, except the Magnum. Thanks for looking!
  2. Leverspro

    IG karveSOTD contest.

    Anyone know what the winning prize is?
  3. Leverspro

    APShave 2BED

    Anyone try this yet? It's a fan synthetic. I only have one fan, a Maggard SHD badger 26mm and I really like it. Would like to try a fan synthetic, but it seems like they're rare.
  4. Leverspro

    mixed metal works!

    I've accumulated a few razors and I like the fact that the threads allow mixing handles on different heads. This week I put a Mongoose SS handle on my aluminum SE1 SE head, the difference in handles between the original aluminum and the SS is about 50gms. It retained the nice maneuverability of...
  5. Leverspro

    Wave pour over

    I bought some new kit for making a single cup of coffee for myself at the office. It's a Wave pour over. I had it included in a recent shipment of green coffee beans I bought from I've tried lots of stuff at the office, including Hario V60 and Clever Dripper. This Wave is the...
  6. Leverspro

    mickey Lee pre-shave

    Used this today for the first time. Is this meant to be washed off with soap before lathering? It seems very adverse to slickness. I applied it with my fingers, rubbing it on my face, then lathered as usual. My razor would not slide on my face, just bounce. The only other preshave I've ever used...
  7. Leverspro

    best soap for flat cap?

    Is there such a thing? Or perhaps best style of lather for a flat cap prone to creating suction with the face? I like the kind of lather that paints on thin like a thick acrylic paint, but perhaps something a little more airy or bubbly may be better for a flat cap?
  8. Leverspro

    the Swirl is Gone!

    Not the thrill, but that swirl! I shaved it off for the first time today. A little patch of skin under my right jaw that always leaves stubble has had me on a path of serious acquisition of razors for the past three years. I've watched videos, I've used different soaps, brushes, learned what...
  9. Leverspro

    new to me Mongoose

    Just picked this up here from a fellow member on the BST. It's an original first gen mongoose. I'll be comparing it with my only other ac style SE, a att alum se1. This is my first SS razor. The heft is incredible. The handle alone weighs 87.5 grams, compared to 26grams on my aluminum handle...
  10. Leverspro

    my first ebonite handle

    Received this custom ebonite handle today. Smooth as glass! Color is sandstone. I intended this for Maggard's new fan badger knot. But the knot opening on this is 27mm and my knot is 24, so I may have to look for another knot for this one. Knot depth on this handle is 16mm.
  11. Leverspro

    WTB razors

    Looking for a bundled group of three razors: Karve, WSP El Capitan, and a Alumgoose single edge. $300. PM me.
  12. Leverspro

    help with blades!

    I'm pretty lost with the number of different formats for single edge blades. I bought a Above the Tie aluminum single edge razor a while back, SE1, along with some Kai Pink and also some Feather Super Pro blades, both 'Artist Club' style blades. I've also bought a used 'Lady Schick' razor that...
  13. Leverspro

    mail call! new blades from England

    So exited. These blades took over a month to arrive to Canada from Connought in UK, but it's not like I didn't have anything to shave with while waiting. I have an injector that I've never used, I have a vintage GEM that I stopped using until I got some SS blades, and I have an ATT SE1 Alum...
  14. Leverspro

    Noberu of Sweden

    anyone have experience with this soap?
  15. Leverspro

    Henkel straight

    Looking for a honer in Canada for my first SR. found in a second hand store.