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    Few questions about Domenico Caraceni 1913 discontinued cream

    I have an old tub of DC1913. I’ll have to try the XPEC to see if it is anywhere close to the DC.
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    Half price hart

    Thanks for the info! It is always nice to hear first hand experiences vs non first hand experiences, and how sometimes they differ.
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    Half price hart

    Having used it, how does it shave? Is the balance off? Thanks!
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    Vintage Chinese Straights?

    P.S. other than Gold Dollars, of course.
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    Vintage Chinese Straights?

    Now I am curious, are there any reputable Chinese razors in production? I know Korea/Russia has some, but have never heard about any from China itself.
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    First time using a 7/8 Blade

    I love 7/8 blades. Most of my Palmeras are advertised as 7/8, although some call them 15/16...Splitting hairs, I guess. Dorkos are great shavers, too. So, a 7/8 Dorko? That makes a nice morning.
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    Smiling Edge Razor

    Funny, 8 years later and I'm still confused. Is a smile when the curved spine and the curved razor edge are parallel or when the razor spine is straight but the edge is curved?
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    WTS: RW Purist, CS FIlarmonica, Dorko 300

    ***UPDATE*** 1) RW Purist withdrawn from sale 2) Dorko 300 price drop - $135 shipped CONUS 3) CS Filarmonica price drop - $110 shipped CONUS
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    Ex-Lurkers please sign in and tell us what finally made you join B&B .

    I skipped a bunch of pages so forgive me if this has been answered. Lurking is a nonmember who reads posts but doesn't participate? So what is a member who reads posts but doesn't participate? I'd like to introduce the creeper. I'm creeping, creeeeppppiiinngg away. Yes it's true I've been...
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    Size of straight razor.

    I started off with a 5/8 and if I had to do everything over, I would go that route again. I always thought that under the nose was tricky with a large razor. Of course, now that I have a beard and only trim my cheeks and neck, I don't have that problem any more, so now bigger is better...
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    How do you store your SRs?

    That box looks great. Aframestoyko has random ones which look nice, but those with the window look great. Anyone have one? Is that a glass or plastic window? I imagine glass, but just confirming. Sure beats scattering razors throughout the house which are hiding on top of cabinets and top...
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    WTS: RW Purist, CS FIlarmonica, Dorko 300

    Hello, I'm selling some straight razors off that are out of rotation: 1) Robert Williams Purist - Too short for me, I like longer blades. The bevel on this is uneven, I've tried to capture it in pics. It came to me this way and hasn't affected shaving performance. It basically has a microbevel...
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    Show us your Japanese naturals

    The only info I have on this one is that it was sold as a "Takao Natural Whetstone", it was sold as a prefinisher, but it is very hard and it looks pretty.
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    img 20160727 154225

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    img 20160727 152509

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    img 20160727 152149

  17. Member Album by Xury

    Member Album by Xury

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    img 20160727 152035

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    What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

    Great shave, but the smile takes extra time with my beard:
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    Who wears the better suits?

    My vote is for Pat Boone, leather vest era. If you aren't into the bare chested leather vest look I guess shirtless will have to do. If you HAD to choose just one of the two styles mentioned above, I would chose whichever one reminds you most of Rodney Dangerfield. Shirtless, of course, with...