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  1. StillShaving

    Freshly roasted coffee - how fresh is good enough?

    For those who regularly make espresso....or for those who home roast or buy from a coffee specialty retailer, how fresh do you like your coffee? All brewing methods benefit from freshly roasted coffee, but espresso brewing especially so. Coffee beans don't spoil in the traditional sense but...
  2. StillShaving

    10:56 p.m. ET on July 20, 1969

    Nearly everyone is aware of this historic event 50 years ago, of Neil Armstrong stepping out on the moon surface. I have enjoyed watching some of the documentaries on PBS showing the history of rocket development and steps toward reaching the moon. I did not realize that these first astronauts...
  3. StillShaving

    Royal toast

    Does anyone make a tradition of giving the British Royal family a toast to their big life events? I doubt anyone does, I started doing it only as an after thought. I bought a small/medium sized bottle of Bombay Sapphire thinking that the bottle would look nice on the bathroom vanity to hold...
  4. StillShaving

    Razor vs counter - are you careful to avoid scratching the sink vanity top?

    My cultured marble sink is a few decades old. I will be replacing the faucet soon and in the process of measuring things I took a closer look at the countertop to assess how much damage I had inflected to the sink during my early days of shaving with DE razors. The finish was worn and lightly...
  5. StillShaving

    Don't drink the water! Will you shave with it?

    Clean tap water is an issue in parts of the world. While there is big difference between swallowing contaminants or bacteria and them touching the surface of your skin; at what point do you get personally concerned? If shaving in a place with this warning sign do you concentrate on your...
  6. StillShaving

    Don't "Pause' when getting a new hairstyle.

    Barber Shaves 'Play' Icon Into Man's Hair After Being Shown Paused Video.
  7. StillShaving

    Feather AC Light blades - what is your opinion

    Have you tried the Professional Light blade in your Feather DX or SS yet? Did you love it, like it, hate it, or just meh?
  8. StillShaving

    Woman gets earlobes, eyelids, etc shaved with a Feather SS

    Mildly interesting instructional video of a woman being shaved with a Feather DX and Soft Guard Blades. Getting her face, ears, eyelids, nose, and upper back shaved. Or maybe it was closer to an exfoliation. I have never seen some of those places shaved before. The woman performing the shave...
  9. StillShaving

    Knickerbockers - did technology or fashion displace them?

    I am no historian but I believe roughly a century ago knickers were commonly worn by most men. Besides fashion changes what were the reasons for their demise? Was it mainly due technological change like automobiles replacing horses, paved roads and hard surfaces replacing muddy walkways? So that...
  10. StillShaving

    Speed Stick - container size expansion from 1980's

    Found this old Speed Stick container while cleaning out some things in storage. I do know not its age but believe it is around 30+ years old. I guess it is another example of today's consumers buying based on visual size rather than reading labels. Pictures attached for your viewing pleasure...
  11. StillShaving

    Business Insider - The best shaving soap you can buy

    Just highlighting this article. While I might imagine that their field-of-view was a little narrow they arguably give some good advice: The best shaving soap you can buy From the article: Here are our top picks for the best shaving soap: Best overall: Mitchell's Wool Fat shaving soap Best hard...
  12. StillShaving

    Art of the Shine - Independent Lens documentary about shoe shiners

    Anyone who appreciates quality shoes and their maintenance should enjoy the recent Independent Lens documentary titled "Art of the Shine". Like most of their presentations it focuses equally on the personal stories of the people involved as well as the larger topic. They highlight different...
  13. StillShaving

    Double Edge Kamisori style straight

    For your entertainment, check out this DE straight razor (ebay BIN). My first thought was this meant as a show piece to demonstrate the blade makers expertise? Or was it meant to test the honemeister's ability to sharpen and the users ability to strop and shave? Besides those challenges it...
  14. StillShaving

    Omega Midgets - Mixed vs Silver - which is best travel brush?

    I wanted to get solicit feedback on the Omega 11047 vs Omega 599 brushes, also known as the Mixed Midget (11047) and Silver Midget (599). As far as I can tell both brushes share the same short handle and knot size, so this is a mainly a question about performance or suitability. For years I...
  15. StillShaving

    limited NCAA Basketball tournament coverage

    How do college basketball fans listen or watch the tournament without directly or indirectly paying TBS or big broadcast providers? Tonight's games (Saturday 3/24) are carried on TBS and I can find no option (short of signing up for Hulu or similar) to watch the Florida State Seminoles vs...
  16. StillShaving

    Which soap puck lasts you longer - MWF or Tabac?

    I was curious about your experience with Mitchell's Wool Fat and Tabac, the 125g/4.4oz size which fits into their respective dish. To get your opinion on which soap is longer lasting and approximately how many shaves you get out of a particular puck.
  17. StillShaving

    Selvedge Denim - Do you buy it? - Cone Mills is closing

    Is Selvedge denim on the demise? Or is it just too expensive? I have been tempted to buy a pair to try and understand their appeal. But the cost/value is prohibitive especially when it is hard to get a proper fit. Still I was disappointed to see a local news story about Cone Mills shutting down...
  18. StillShaving

    Coffee Grinding "Blues "

    The central topic mentioned here is a bit risque, but it is also historical so I thought most our members would appreciate it. Over time I have learned to appreciate a wider variety of Blues and Jazz music by listening to WSHA a local radio station which broadcasts blues music from 8pm-midnight...
  19. StillShaving

    Does you DE shave with both hands?

    In an effort to improve your shave do you switch between hands as you shave the opposite side of your face? For example when making an east-west pass one might want to switch hands as they switch cheeks in order to keep their wrist and attack angle more consistent. Many do this when shaving...
  20. StillShaving

    How often to you find a bad blade (a Dud blade)

    When opening a new blade for your DE razor, how frequently to run across a poorly sharpened blade? One that you would consider bad and quickly tossing after using for one shave or less? Or at least tossing well below your normal shaving threshold, (e.g. a person who would normally expect 20...