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  1. JQ123

    Razors made in India?

    Thank you dear YKMV , just for reference, I am Joy from Joy Shaving channel on Youtube....
  2. JQ123

    Razors made in India?

    yes sir its made in India , I got an opportunity to review it myself, its a decent razor and performs very good
  3. JQ123

    Shavette And Barber Razor Enthusiast (SABRE) group

    Yes one advantage with the hair shaper razors is that they are quite manuverable and inserting the blade is easy. you are right, the hair shaper blades have different feedback for different people. I have observed that if I use a preshave oil, most of the blades dont feel that rough, but some...
  4. JQ123

    Strong Leopard Shavette With Antelope Blades

    Thanks for Checking out the video!, I would suggest using the skin stretching method, it helps quite a lot. Puffing my cheeks does the kind of same effect. In case if a blade feels a bit rough, I highly recommend using a preshave oil, it really helps.
  5. JQ123

    Strong Leopard Shavette With Antelope Blades

    Yes My friend , I have shaved with it and its good in a way. Coincidentally I have made a video on the same and you can check that out on Youtube - > Joy shaving. The title of the video is "Cloud Hair Shaper Shavette | Cloud Blades | Shave and Review" Best Regards, Joy Shaving ***Keep up the...
  6. JQ123

    Strong Leopard Shavette With Antelope Blades

    Gents I thought of making a video on the Super 77 Blades with a compatible shavette. If you like to check that, visit Youtube-> "Joy Shaving" channel. I am going to put more such videos. Keep up the good shaves
  7. JQ123

    Strong Leopard Shavette With Antelope Blades

    I dont know if its just me, but I found the blue 77 antelope blades, better than the cloud ones. So wanted to know if anyone has a already compared the two with Jishi. Looking forward to order an 100 blade pack from one of the above three.
  8. JQ123

    Strong Leopard Shavette With Antelope Blades

    Hey - mjclark that is a beautiful razor , would you like to share more pics of this razor?
  9. JQ123

    Strong Leopard Shavette With Antelope Blades

    Here is the link to the Jishi : 100 PCs/set Men Shaving Straight Razor Blade Shave Replacement Blades For Barber Salon Eyebrow Blades 10pcs/pack*10-in Nose & Ear Trimmer from Beauty & Health on | Alibaba Group
  10. JQ123

    Strong Leopard Shavette With Antelope Blades

    Guys - after trying Jishi , Antelope - 77 blue, senior 77 and Cloud blades which one of these is sharpest and durable? Can anyone give a comparison among any of the above?
  11. JQ123

    What razor/ blade did you use today

    Parker 26C and Gillette Permasharp ( Green packet)
  12. JQ123

    Old Spice is only AS that soothes my skin?

    Old spice Fresh Lime is a favorite, just cant take that off the list.
  13. JQ123

    I want to stop using alum but I can't

    Try using any Organic Aloe Vera Gel once, it would moisturize but would not be greasy, and would not give any burns, instead it is suppose to protect against any burns
  14. JQ123

    Looking for feedback from Omega S-brush owners

    I recently got two Omega S Brush'es, black handled big one and blue handled small one, both are nice, but I personally like the smaller one because I feel its a bit softer on my skin. Here is a video where I have used the smaller one of the two:
  15. JQ123

    Summer so I'm thinking lime!

    One of which I know is the Old Spice Fresh Lime, its like a Citrus blast , the Lime aroma lingers for a while and then the spice base fragrance remains. Check my video where I have used it :
  16. JQ123

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    Old Spice Fresh Lime
  17. JQ123

    Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum

    I ordered a 6 ounce plastic bottle and for me its not at all strong, it is nice smelling and mellow, lingers for a while and then only a slight hint of it remains. I created my own bay rum using essential oils and its a bit stronger, getting more potent by each month, think should dilute it.
  18. JQ123

    Divya Patanjali Shave Gel

    Yes I bought this very recently and its INR. 40/- per unit.
  19. JQ123

    Divya Patanjali Shave Gel

    Hi , Check this video for Patanjali Shave Gel :
  20. JQ123

    Members from India?

    Check this video for Parker 26 C: