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  1. mdwolfie86

    Raw Shaving closing its doors?

    does anyone know why Raw Shaving is closing? I got a newsletter from bullgoose stating this, and to buy the RS-18 while supplies last before the prices sky rocket on the secondary market.
  2. mdwolfie86

    Just received my PERSONNA “BBS-0”

    I just received this Personna razor and from what I’ve read a lot of people seem to think this is where the BBS-1’s head inspiration came from (I cannot confirm or deny this). They both have a 1mm gap and apparently shave very similarly. I guess the only way to find out is by using it and I’m...
  3. mdwolfie86

    WTB Wilkinson Sword bonded carts

    Hello all, As the title states I’m looking to buy some Wilkinson Sword Bonded blade carts. Does anyone have a surplus they want to get rid of? Please let me know, maybe we can work something out.
  4. mdwolfie86

    Ever-Ready streamline

    I’ve not tried too many SE razors but the ones I’ve tried are the Schick injector, Cobra Classic and the One Blade. I never tried any other GEM type SE’s because I always thought the head was too large to seem practical (but I’ve always thought they looked great in SOTD shots ). The Schick...
  5. mdwolfie86

    FS Butterscotch

    Top Row left to right: *Redleaf A4 best badger $140 *Simpson 58 best badger $150 *Redleaf B16 super badger $150 *Simpson KH2 best badger $150 has tiny hairline crack on top where the knot is, comes with original box. Bottom Row left to right: *Simpson 46 best badger $90...
  6. mdwolfie86

    Who has one or has any info on vintage “No Blade” razor?

    I came across an old Gillette ad from the 1960s if memory serves me right, about a Gillette razor that apparently had “no blade” instead it had a mechanism that you could turn the dial like “an old video camera” and would give you a fresh blade (oxymoron, I know). So it was a ribbon blade you...
  7. mdwolfie86

    WTB Visconti rollerball Van Gogh pen

    Hello everyone I’m looking to buy my first grown-up pen at a good price. I’m really liking the Van Gogh roller ball pens, so if you have one that’s not being used let me know. Thanks everyone and have a wonderful day.
  8. mdwolfie86

    WTS Landmark Essentials shaving brush

    As the title states I would like to sell this brush made by Ron of Chiseled Face Soaps. This brush is 100% hand made in the USA from the tying of the knot, to the hand poured and turned resin. the knots on this are comparable to the Declaration Brushworks knots. They are very soft and packed to...
  9. mdwolfie86

    B&M Fougére Gothique

    This is not much of a review instead more of a quick PSA if you will, just in case you were curious about the pre-release of B&M's Fougére Gothique. As we all know the performance of B&M soaps is absolutely excellent you won't find a soap from them that is not a great performer, at least in my...
  10. mdwolfie86

    Today's picking finds

    just wanted to share some of today's finds. On my way to the flea market we came across an antique fair event and decided to stop (we never actually made it to the flea market in the end). I must say it was a good day as I never have any luck razor hunting. *Gillette Fatboy *Gillette Slim...
  11. mdwolfie86

    Declaration Brushworks LE handle inspiration?

    So today I was perusing the web just going on a whole bunch of different wet shaving websites to see what was new and what was for sale. After a few sites I migrated towards the L&L Grooming site to see what new soap scents he had (wishing he still had the sweet lemon scent) then went on the...
  12. mdwolfie86

    Vintage Simpson brush help

    Hey guys, Today I received this brush which I purchased because I was feeling about 99.9% certain it was a vintage Simpson it is marked 58 best badger sterilized. The only thing that has me stumped is the decal, which says EXCLUSIVE made in England. Can anyone help me here? Was I wrong to...
  13. mdwolfie86

    This lighter!

    So today after work I stopped off at a local Shell station and came across this lighter, at first I didn't pay too much attention to it I just grabbed it because it was right in front of me. Upon getting home I looked at it more closely and realized it was a bit of a hybrid. It goes from regular...
  14. mdwolfie86


    All prices include shipping CONUS only. Please allow 2-3 days before shipment of the items as I work 10-16 hour shifts at the moment. M&F Sz 1 24mm purchased for $190 plus shipping I used it at most 3 times. Asking $180 Deluxe Shave Co. 24mm two band used to be a 24mm synthetic before I...
  15. mdwolfie86

    Xmas in July SOTD

    Hello Gentleman, I thought it'd be fun to start a Christmas in July shave of the day due to the retail sectors sales and promotions to getting ready for the holiday season which is fast approaching us now, believe it or not. So let's see some fun and colorful Christmas themed shaves all thru...
  16. mdwolfie86

    Blackland blackbird

    okay fellas, so I'm interested in purchasing a blackland blackbird razor for the simple fact I haven't tried it yet. My question is... does the blackland razor accept other handles like stork, or triad? As I am not too fond of the handle they offer. I appreciate any info and your time gentlemen.
  17. mdwolfie86

    My early Father's Day gift

    so me and my wife are horrible at gift giving to one another, as neither of us can wait to give each other a gift. This year for Father's Day she went out and got me an awesome sampler of 20 cigars, a travel humidor and a bottle of Jim Beam double oak that she so kindly covered in Ferrero...
  18. mdwolfie86

    Thoughts on this brush..

    I just wanted to know what you gentlemen think about this Jurassic Park themed shaving brush?
  19. mdwolfie86

    Need your help and suggestions..

    Alright gentlemen I'm in need of a cigar lighter. I need one that's durable, reliable and overall good looking. It doesn't matter if it's a single jet, two, three or even a soft flame just something that will last as with the cutter recently purchased I only want one. I appreciate any...
  20. mdwolfie86

    WTS: ATT M2 razor

    Razor is in excellent condition pretty much appears new, will come with ATT box. $120 shipped CONUS only.