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  1. a_bit_crafty

    Mold on my pitas

    I've been making sandwich bread, pizza, bread bowls, etc. for about a year now. Extra sandwich bread goes in the freezer, pizza in the fridge. I've never had a problem. Last night I made some whole wheat pita bread. I let it cool for a few hours, then wrapped it up and put it in the...
  2. a_bit_crafty

    Temper-Pedic update and review

    A few weeks ago, I posted this thread, asking for any experience in getting a Tempur-Pedic bed: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?t=198939 After more research, we finally purchased one. I say finally because we had been eyeing them for about 2 years. In the end, we bought a...
  3. a_bit_crafty

    Usable razor vs decorative item

    I was browsing through some vintage and antique razors, mostly because of the ever increasing bad influence of B&B. I came across a razor in its case that was labelled as 1923. Whether or not it actually is from 1923 is not the point. But, it sure was pretty, though at that age I wouldn't use...
  4. a_bit_crafty

    Warning: a fairly girly recipe follows

    I've been seeing this cucumber water nonsense everywhere, and as today was our shopping day, I thought I'd pick up the extra ingredients needed to make it and give it a shot. The following is a combination of several recipes, mostly this one...
  5. a_bit_crafty

    Tempur-Pedic beds

    Tempur-Pedic beds: Anyone tried them? What did you think? Good for couples? Too hot? Did you try to return it? Mr. Crafty and I are considering getting a new bed and have our eyes on one of those.
  6. a_bit_crafty

    Wood bread bowl gets used

    Many, many moons ago, I posted on here to get help for my "new" antique wood bread bowl. I was trying to figure out if it had some sort of stain or finish on it, because I certainly didn't want to use it for baking if it did. Someone suggested that the off smell may be because someone before...
  7. a_bit_crafty

    Bacon, apparently, can be anything.

    Cups made of bacon. Does more need to be said?
  8. a_bit_crafty

    You want how much for how many blades?

    Mr. Crafty and I were in our local grocery store on Friday. At the check-out, we spotted something new on the little end cap that is typically full of sugary drinks and little bottles of Tylenol. DE blades. Great, you think. But wait! There's more! The blades are the store brand...
  9. a_bit_crafty

    Your other ADs

    Come now, you know you have them, so start talking. What are your other (as in non-shave related) ADs? I really have two. One is tea, although I do end up drinking most of what I buy, not just collecting it. The other is fabric. I have some fabric that I bought that I wasn't quite sure at...
  10. a_bit_crafty

    Thinking of trying Puerh

    Since I got "serious" about my tea drinking, I've had and loved several varieties of teas and tisanes, but I've yet to try puerh. Of course I'll be doing research on the subject, but for those who have tried it, what tips and advice would you give to someone who's never tried it?
  11. a_bit_crafty

    4 Months Later

    Roughly 4 months ago, Mr. Crafty bought me a Lady Gillette and a tub of TOBS avocado as a gift. He did this because I was constantly somehow finding bad disposable blades and cutting myself or getting nasty razor burn. I was fortunate enough to be pretty proficient at my DE by the second or...
  12. a_bit_crafty

    Red and black tea are not the same, right?

    Silly question, I know. I was under the impression that "red tea" is another name for Rooibos (a tisane), while black tea is black tea. Lately, I've seen people using "red tea" and "black tea" interchangeably and saying things like "red, aka black tea." Does this have something to do with...
  13. a_bit_crafty

    Your least favorite part of shaving?

    I've noticed that many people love wetshaving for it's relaxing sort of properties. Granted, it is quite awesome. However, I'm curious as to whether or not people have a least favorite part of the process?
  14. a_bit_crafty

    Wooden bread bowl: Care? Use?

    A few months ago, I started making bread. I'm getting better and better at it, and it has come to the point that we've stopped buying bread at the store. Mr. Crafty located and purchased for me a large, wooden bread bowl. But I'm not quite sure what to do with it. I know I mix the...
  15. a_bit_crafty

    Newbie lady with questions

    Let me start by saying the hubby is a straight razor guy. Evidently I complained one too many times about the quality of disposables which led to him purchasing a DE and a large sampler pack of blades for me, along with some avocado cream from Taylors. Here's the problem. Although I am...