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  1. smudge

    First attempt

    The milder a razor is the more crucial the blade angle and good technique. The Krona is certainly a mild razor, but an excellent one nonetheless. Possibly not the best tool for 5 day's of growth, but it is very capable of BBS shaves with the right blade and proper use. Sounds as though your...
  2. smudge

    Birthday shaving present ideas

    +1 for the Floid Vigarosso - imo it's one of the best. Huge menthol hit, with barbershop finish.
  3. smudge

    Family heirloom gold schick krona

    Oh boy, I'd love one of those. I've got two, black and silver twist, both of which shave beautifully. Rarely hear a bad thing said about the Krona - they're smooth, efficient and very durable.
  4. smudge

    Gillette Tech

    I use my Weber Bulldog handle on all of my excellent Techs. Works really well with all of them, particularly the Flat Bottom version. Provides that extra bit of heft which I like.
  5. smudge

    Best synthetic, $ no object?

    Muhle Silvertip Fibre V2. Great balance between softness and backbone. Grood lathers with minimal product.
  6. smudge

    Truefitt and Hill Soap lathering question

    I don't find any benefit to soaking a synthetic brush - might warm it up, but that's all imo. I've found that with my all of my synthetic brushes it's best to load them just damp - rinse it out and give it a good few shakes. Load from your soap puck until you have a good covering of soapy...
  7. smudge

    NOS Schick Krona

    I know we're all different, but I'd use it. Far too nice just to be looked at. The Krona, for some reason, always seems to slip under the radar - it's a very efficient mild shaver. Don't be deceived by the plastic handle - they were built to last, and have done.
  8. smudge

    Mild scented aftershave splash

    He did - I apologise. Thanks for pointing that out.
  9. smudge

    Mild scented aftershave splash

    Lucky Tiger Face Tonic. Fleeting orange scent with excellent skin care properties. I think it's just what you're looking for
  10. smudge

    I can’t stop smelling it...

    The Veg and YSL's Kouros both have that initial cat pee opening to me. I've learned to love them both, but I have a golden rule that I never break for both of them. DON'T LEAVE THE HOUSE FOR AT LEAST 30 MINUTES AFTER APPLYING. After that they are both totally different animals - no animal pee...
  11. smudge

    Looking for a razor with thin/low profile head similar to my first cheap razor (pictures)

    Any Tech, Muhle Rocca, Feather AS-D2, Merkur 1904, or Gillette New or Old (watch out for those blade tabs around your nose though).
  12. smudge

    Rockwell 6S and plate scraping.

    Are you sure it won't just wipe off? Had exactly the same issue with mine and it wiped away with a damp cloth.
  13. smudge

    Why is my face so sensitive to shaving cream?

    Not sure if you'll be able to buy this from Singapore, but De Vergulde Hand is a completely hypoallergenic shaving soap from Amsterdam. I wouldn't say that it's the best soap in the world, but it has a lovely fresh scent and works acceptably well.
  14. smudge


    Weber PH Plisson Synthetic La Toja stick Astra SP Floid Vigaroso
  15. smudge

    How to Untangle a Horse?

    I've never had to untangle a horse hair shaving brush, but being a beach fisherman I have had to deal with numerous bird's nests when using a multiplier reel. Your best friend is a very small crochet hook.
  16. smudge

    Suggest soft feeling not scratchy shaving brushes for shaving head and face

    Any Plisson type synthetic will do the job very nicely and cheaply too.
  17. smudge

    6-Year-Old Hysterically Throws Tantrum at Baseball Game

    Mmmmm. Not sure about this one, but then I'm a boring old fart that sees the world going to hell in a handcart.
  18. smudge

    Palmolive shave stick

    Just goes to show that YMMV is so true - I find the Palmolive Shave Stick to be one of the slickest around. Post shave feel is pretty good too and all for 49 pence (although sadly discontinued in Asda now).
  19. smudge

    Lathering technique.

    I don't own this particular brush, but I've found with all of my seven synthetics that the best method, whether bowl or face lathering, is to load damp, adding water in small amounts as you go.
  20. smudge

    A mild mannered open comb?

    Fatip Piccolo - this razor has a bit of a reputation as an efficient bit of kit that can bite you if you're not careful, but I think that a lot of those comments refer to the version 1. The version 2, that has been around for a while now, is mighty efficient and very well behaved indeed imo...