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  1. Fiend606

    White's boots rough out leather?

    I'm 90%+ decided to pull the trigger on buying a pair of White's Premium 6" Construction Boot with Crepe Sole. What I can't decide on is the leather. I like the look of the black with the rough out and where I work scuffing would be an issue with smooth leather. Does anyone have any...
  2. Fiend606

    Newbie to smoking a Pipe(corn cobs)

    Spring is on the horizon and I generally smoke cigars in the Spring and Fall due to the pleasant outdoor weather/temps but this year I decided I wanted to try a pipe. I've read some stuff over the years on the topic but never pulled the trigger till now. I decided to get a Corn Cob Pipe...
  3. Fiend606

    The Starcraft Roswell Hybrid Synthetic Brush?

    I can't stop thinking about this brush since I saw it. The retro shape, the color of the brush and handle all appeal to me. I don't own a synthetic. I tossed one on my Stirling order that just shipped before I saw The Starcraft but that won't be here for a couple days yet. Anybody who has...
  4. Fiend606

    Bootleggers El Dorado question?

    I finally got a bottle of Clubman Special Reserve. I couldn't ever source it locally so I tacked some on to an amazon order. I like it quite a bit. Not so much still in the bottle, a little more as a straight splash but I hit the sweet spot with wetting my hands, having about a teaspoon of...
  5. Fiend606

    Hair product for a Flat Top or Physicians Taper?

    I'm looking for some recommendations and also if someone could explain the hold ratings on pomade(especially Lockharts) I'd appreciate it. I've been cutting my own hair for almost 15 years. Usually just using the clippers to buzz it as short as possible. No guard on Oster fastfeeds in the...
  6. Fiend606

    Quality work boot or shoe that is security friendly?

    I have to pass through a metal detector at my job and get a once over with a wand when I leave. I bought a pair of Rockport composite toe boots that are metal detector friendly but I've had them for barely 3 months and they are cracking and the sole is starting to separate at the toe and arch...
  7. Fiend606

    Quality belt?

    My leather belt is on its way out. I've had it for about 25 years and worn it almost daily. I picked it up at a leather stall in a farmer's market for about 20 or 25 dollars and that market no longer exists. I'd like a replacement that will last me another 20+ years if possible. I'm looking for...
  8. Fiend606

    Skin Bracer shortage?

    I've been to 3 grocery stores and 2 chain drugstores. Skin Bracer was sold out at all of them. Is there a shortage or is Skin Bracer a very popular spring aftershave??
  9. Fiend606

    What fragrances would Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Masters/Player Characters wear?

    I've been a bit obsessed with D&D lately and I've seen similar threads before. So what colognes or fragrances would the Dungeon Master wear and which ones for the various Races and Classes? You can see the races and classes with brief descriptions here(Scroll to the third image down)...
  10. Fiend606

    I grated two Arko sticks .

    I grated two Arko Sticks to put in a stoneware crock and started using them on April 2. Today, November 20, I lathered the last shave out of them all that was left were a few small pieces that got stuck in the brush. I got a Semogue boar brush around the same time so for a 2 or 3 weeks I was...
  11. Fiend606

    The Terror of Dryer Lint

    My dryer wasn't drying clothes completely on the the automatic sensing cycle which required additional drying cycles to get clothes dry, sometimes as many as three cycles. This prompted me to start poking around to do some maintenance. The culprit was dryer lint. There was an excessive build up...
  12. Fiend606


    I havn't seen a coffee percolator since I was young in the late 70s maybe early 80s. My grandparents used one and as a child I was given coffee by them but it was half coffee/half milk that I loaded with sugar as a 6 or 7 year old . I never drank percolated coffee as an adult till yesterday. I...
  13. Fiend606

    Peppermint Arko

    I was in the bathroom on the Thinking Chair and needed something from under the sink and found a bottle of Dr. Bonner's Peppermint Castile Liquid Soap I didn't recall having. I was reading the ingredients and thought they would be great to have in a shave soap especially for summer. I recalled...
  14. Fiend606

    Blade Coating question

    I know blades are very subjective and what works great for one guy could be torture for someone else but how much does the blade coating factor into it? If I try a blade that has a platinum coating and it doesn't agree with me or my face then will I be more likely to have issues with other...
  15. Fiend606

    Eastland Shoes?

    Anyone have any experience with Eastland Shoes from 6pm.com? I had a hole open up in the sole of my 10 year old daily wear shoes. I was looking for something casual and came across Eastland Roan Oxfords on JC Penny's website and they seemed to meet my criteria but were a bit out of my...
  16. Fiend606

    Brush at Whole Foods

    I went to one of the larger sized Whole Foods grocery stores in my area and that store was carrying the Every Man Jack synthetic shaving brush for $20($19.98). I've been to three different Whole Foods stores and only this larger store carried the brush. The box is solid and it was sealed so I...
  17. Fiend606

    Not so thrifty thrift shops

    I've been hitting up thrift shops more lately looking for shaving related gear and because money is very tight for me at the moment. The half dozen "thrift" shops in my area are pretty expensive. They are cheap on things like cups, mugs, glasses, plates and knick-knacks but things like...
  18. Fiend606

    Clubman woes

    I was at the very end of my bottle of Clubman so I went to Sally Beauty Supply while running another errand and bought the big 12.5 ounce bottle for $7.29. The bottle I had was a plastic 8 ounce and was an extra bottle my uncle had that he was no where close to going to use so it got handed over...
  19. Fiend606

    Arko Stick scented AS?

    I'm loving the scent of Arko shave sticks but it doesn't stick around long. It smells clean, fresh and generic. I'd like to have that scent longer. Is there a aftershave or similar product that smells like Arko Shave Sticks??
  20. Fiend606

    Daily face/post shave moisturizer

    I'm interested in using a moisturizer on my face. In trying to get the best shave and avoid ingrown hairs/razor bumps I've been washing my face and neck more often than before I started traditional wet shaving. While my face isn't dry during the day it has been a bit "ashy" in the mornings with...