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  1. olps

    classic/sports daily driver

    Why hello all, I'm not too much of a car guy (I enjoy cars and how they work, but don't know a whole lot, although I've slowly been learning), so I could use some advice. I've been contemplating buying a little sports car to use as a summer 'daily driver'- it wouldn't be used for groceries or...
  2. olps

    Cold Steel knives

    Well, I've been thinking of picking up a new pocket knife, and a few knives made by Cold Steel have caught my eye. Anybody have experience with them or can attest to their quality? The two main ones I'm thinking of buying are the Caledonian and the Spectre (I should say I'm trying to decide...
  3. olps

    norton SiC lapping stone

    For those of you using the Norton flattening stone, how often do you lap it? I use my Nortons for kitchen and pocket knives, so I have to lap it often enough with it's sister stone (the Norton flattening stone). How long does it take before needing to be lapped (relative to it's use of course)...
  4. olps


    Anybody here wear them? I'm contemplating getting one for the fall and just wearing it under the collar. Nothing too fancy (more scarf like than neck-tie). My only concern is looking a little, well, haughty.
  5. olps

    'changing' the oil

    Well, I've seen many topics on oiling straights for protection, but I don't think this ever came up. When you're storing straights, and you've given them a coat of oil, when should you change that oil? I thought of this after I stained one of my blades by accidentally using the wrong oil...
  6. olps


    I'm curious, if I were to store a brush for a short period of time, perhaps a month or more, would there be any harm in keeping it in an empty toilet paper roll? I'm not worried about moisture or humidity, but if keeping the bristles/hair closer packed together would be an issue. I was just...
  7. olps

    TSD soap latherability

    Hello, I recently came across the list of scents the shave den offers, and there are a few ones I don't see often (or have never seen) that I may get samples of. My question is, I've heard of some people having problems creating lather with their cream, but do some people also get this problem...
  8. olps

    linseed oil stain

    Well, the other day I made a stupid mistake. I was oiling the fingerboards on my guitars with linseed oil. Afterwards, I was going to oil my straight. You can guess where this is going. Today I looked at my razor and realise that it's gunky- that's when I realized I accidentally used linseed oil...
  9. olps

    magnifying loupe

    Well, I'm thinking of getting into more serious honing (beyond my Chinese 12k for touchups) and am considering getting a jeweller's loupe to take a look at the edge. So a few questions: do you find them helpful? What magnification should I look for (I was thinking 10 to 30X, or should I just...
  10. olps

    rolls razor strop

    Well, I just picked up a rolls razor in quite good condition (especially the hone!). My main questions is about the strop. Reading the wiki entry on the razor it recommends lubriderm lotion as a dressing, and not neatsfoot oil. The strop looks almost to be made out of some cork type material. Is...
  11. olps

    what using a mach 3 has told me

    Well, I've been wetshaving with a DE for perhaps 6 months now and I'm still trying to work out a good combo for myself. Often I get discouraged, as the smooth shave is coming, but it is hard to reduce the razor burn (this past combo I tried really did a number on my face in that department). But...
  12. olps

    rolls razor find/value

    Well, I was looking through some antique shops and didn't really find anything to amazing, except for a rolls razor. It was in fairly good shape, the hone wasn't cracked and the strop had the normal wear, especially where the blade rests (some conditioner/cleaner might help). The blade looked a...
  13. olps

    single-edge gurus

    Hello, well, I've recently gotten into single edge razors. I've managed to pick up a gem 1912 and a g bar (although I haven't had a chance to shave with either yet! the anticipation...). Anyways, my query is about the history of single edge shaving. When did it start (compared with double edge)...
  14. olps

    leftover glycerin

    Well, I picked up some Thayers witch hazel (alcohol free rose wit aloe, I love it!) as well as some vegetable glycerin. I'm going to add some to some of my alcohol splashes that I love but dry out my face, as well as adding a little to balms in the winter (I can get dry skin). My question: I've...
  15. olps

    single edge beginner

    So, a GEM 1912 is on it's way in the mail with a few Ted Pellas. What should I expect from single edge shaving compared to the DE (and even straights)? What should I keep in mind for my first shave technique wise? Thanks, I'm looking forward to it!
  16. olps

    westcoast now has Thayers

    I just noticed westcoastsahving now carries Thayers witch hazel! This is a boon to anyone like myself who find it hard to get some for a decent price outside the US...
  17. olps

    ID a C&E

    Hello all, I don't have very much experience with brushes, so I was wondering if I could get a little help in IDing this Crabtree and Evelyn brush. It was given to me a year or so ago, and I think it was a few years at that time too. Thanks! p.s. sorry for the bad cell-phone pictures... I...
  18. olps

    sandpaper lapping problems...

    So, I started to lap my Chinese 12K with sandpaper earlier today... well, the paper quality wasn't very good evidently. The finer grits kept falling apart/wearing through! But the courser grits were a little better. Anyways, now I don't know if my stone is lapped (I ran out of paper) and there...
  19. olps

    horse racing

    I'm curious if anyone here is into horse racing and other track betting? It seems quite interesting, and I've taken a look at a few race programs, but find a lot of it confusing.
  20. olps

    flight or riding lessons

    Well gents, it looks like I'll soon find myself in a favourable position: I will have some time on my hands as well as a little extra money. I quite like learning new skills. And I've also always wanted to learn to fly and ride a motorcycle since I was young. So, I've been doing some...