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  1. never-stop-learning


    I remember seeing some posts on various threads regarding the combination of two (or more) soaps into a new Frankensoap that performs better than the sum of its parts. Thiis subject is certainly intriguing. :) Please share your suggestions for the best Frankensoaps you have created and used...
  2. never-stop-learning

    Layering Colognes on top of Aftershaves

    Does anyone else layer a Cologne on top of an Aftershave? I do with Original Stetson, Tabac and various Vetiver based products. Anyone else?
  3. never-stop-learning

    Fragrances on Order 20200219

    Decided to branch out on my Fragrances. Clones seem to be fairly well received. If one of these knocks my socks off, I'll grab the original. Fragrances on Order 20200219: Grand Parfums Perfume Oil -Tobacco Vanille for Men Type by T Ford Grand Parfums Perfume Oil Farenheit Body Oil Classic...
  4. never-stop-learning

    El Original Corona (Claro Wrapper)

    Enjoying a nice El Original Corona (Claro Wrapper) at the Friday Afternoon Cigar and Corresponding Society. Description from the Island Smoke Shop web site: Box of 25 is $130 ($5.20/cigar) - not expensive at all. I buy cabinets of 50 ($220) and age them for at least 6 months. Really...
  5. never-stop-learning

    Cigars: Dialed In Or Still Playing The Field

    Back in the 1990s and 2000s, I was trying every new cigar I could get my hands on. For roughly ten of those years I was publishing an online cigar e-zine (nothing huge on the level of cA, but it sure was fun :)) and had lots of new cigars coming through for reviews, articles, etc. Needless to...
  6. never-stop-learning

    Ambassador for the Fragrance Room

    I am honored to have been appointed as your friendly neighborhood Ambassador for the Fragrance Room. :) Looking forward to our discussions regarding our preferred Colognes, Perfumes and EdTs. :)
  7. never-stop-learning

    Ambassador to The Brown Leaf

    Hello, fellow Lovers of the Leaf! I have been appointed as your friendly neighborhood Ambassador to The Brown Leaf. :) Been smoking cigars for close to 50 years. Dabbled in pipes some 40 or so years ago but prefer cigars and did not stick with the pipe. Was up to 15 - 20 cigars per week while...
  8. never-stop-learning

    Jazz Saxophone Legend Jimmy Heath Has Died

    Jazz Saxophone Legend Jimmy Heath Has Died at 93 years old. One of the greats. R.I.P. Jimmy Heath.
  9. never-stop-learning

    2020 New Year's Shaving Resolutions

    Happy New Year! Been thinking about 2020 New Year's Shaving Resolutions. This is what I've got, so far: 1. Quit chasing BBS: 3-pass max, minor buffing and touch-up is okay. Then stop. Accept the shave for what it is and go about my day. 2. Purchase only exceptional, unique or meaningful...
  10. never-stop-learning

    Revisiting an old friend

    When I got into wet shaving back in 2013, my first brush was a Frank Shaving 21mm Synthetic. Wasn't too far down the road until I bought an Omega Pro 48 Boar brush. Problem was that I didn't really know how to properly use a brush like the Pro 48, went back to using the Frank and life went on...
  11. never-stop-learning

    Gillette RFB Before & After

    Had a great shave this morning followed by a wonderful Sunday Brunch with our son and daughter-in-law. Nice relaxing Sunday so I decided to take the time to clean and Flitz my Gillette RFB 77. Here are some pics. Before: After: Not finished yet but certainly good enough to shave with it...
  12. never-stop-learning

    FaTip & Joris Top Cap Measurements.....

    Probably sidetracked the FaTip Slant thread quite enough and decided to branch off into the Top Cap measurements I took using my new micrometer. The background posts from the Slant thread: Here are the measurements, in descending order: Piccolo SE Mk2 - Gunmetal and Gold Testina Gentile...
  13. never-stop-learning

    SE Mental Meanderings - GEM and Artist Club

    The relative benefits and challenges of the two formats: GEM and Artists Club. The GEM, as represented by my favorite GEM format razors to date (Featherweight, Junior and G Bar), is characterized by maneuverability and a very nimble feel. The Artists Club, as represented by the RazoRock...
  14. never-stop-learning

    The Venerable Gillette Old Type

    Posts by @Esox about small "bumps" (from dropping the cap/head) on the underside of the top cap corners and base plates that are not straight prompted me to pull out one of my Old Types (at random) and check out the situation. The base plate is straight against a ruler but, sure enough, there...
  15. never-stop-learning

    Am I considered a heathen.....

    Am I considered a heathen for considering the GEM Lightweight as one of the smoothest and most pleasurable razors I own? Picture from my last shave with the Lightweight on 11/11: Sure gets along with my face. :)
  16. never-stop-learning

    Personna DE Razor

    Found an interesting Personna DE razor. I've read comments that it has the same gap as the BBS-1. Comparing this Personna to the BBS-1, there appear to be some similarities. Here are some pics: Other than this, I know nothing about this razor. Is anyone familiar with this Personna? I have...
  17. never-stop-learning

    The Frankenrazor Thread

    Figured this would be a good place to post about any razor experiments being conducted (in the name of SCIENCE, of course ;)) by the B&B Community. :) Today's shave featured the Yintal Brass three piece razor with the GSC R41+ bottom plate: The blade (not in the pics) was a Rapira Swedish...
  18. never-stop-learning

    RazoRock Black Hawk - V2

    Received my new RazoRock Black Hawk - V2 Single Edge razor earlier this week. Soaked it in Isopropynol followed by Barbicide for a bit - just in case. Promptly got busy doing the comparison between the new Replitech and my mid-1950s Gillette #24 Ball End Tech (I prefer the Gillette) and ended...
  19. never-stop-learning

    WTB RazoRock Titanium HALO Handle

    Looking to buy a RazoRock Titanium HALO Handle. Please state price and condition. Thank you.
  20. never-stop-learning

    Another Bootlegger's Original Bay Rum Review

    Obtained the ingredients via Amazon, mixed them up per the recipe and into my preferred storage bottle for aging: Original Bay Rum 1 Part: Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum 1 Part: Master Bay Rum 1 Part: Superior 70 Bay Rum After aging for a couple of days, I splashed some on to see. Hints of...