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    FS WTS: Razors

    $50: Occam Oren v2 w/ original packaging and extra plates. $45: Razorock GC .84 $35: ATT handle $4 shipping CONUS PAYPAL only please. Sent from my Nokia 7.1 using Tapatalk
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    Why I Sold All of My "High End" Razors

    The Paradigm SE still provided the most smooth and comfortable shave, but the NEW's are VERY close to matching the Paradigm. So close, in fact, that I haven't used another razor since owning them! The 3-piece RFB arrived to me with a tech cap, unfortunately, but the NEW LC cap does the trick in...
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    FS NEW RFB Top Cap

    Hi all, I just acquired a NEW RFB, but what I didn't know is that the top cap is for a tech. I know I can use the top cap from my NEW LC, but I really do want a legitimate RFB top cap. This is a long shot but I'm looking to buy or trade for a NEW RFB top cap. Thanks for the consideration...
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    NEW RFB Acquisition

    After experimenting with A LOT of razors over the last year, the Gillette NEW LC and NEW SC are my go to razors. Most everything else has been sold or PIF'd. Today my newly acquired NEW RFB arrived. I'm really looking forward to using it for the first time later today. Sent from my Nokia 7.1...
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    Brush Ideas

    I have been using a Stirling Finest Badger for about four weeks now, and although I like the soft tips, the brush overall has two main drawbacks for me. First, the brush has a bit too much backbone for my taste. If the knot was set higher in the handle the amount of backbone to floppiness...
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    FS WTB Gillette NEW RFB

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a Gillette NEW RFB. Thank you. Sent from my Nokia 7.1 using Tapatalk
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    PIF v2

    I just want to give back to the community here. On offer is a Yaqi 26mm synthetic brush, two PAA samples (used) and a puck of Mitchell's Wool Fat in an old soap container. The MWF and Yaqi brush have only been used a few times. Just post a comment and I will choose one at random. Sent...
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    It's time to give back to this community. I offer a Yaqi DOC head (handle not included), two PAA soap samples (slightly used) and a plastic shave bowl that I originally bought from Amazon. Post whatever comment you like and I will choose one at random. Sent from my Nokia 7.1 using Tapatalk
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    Dichotomy of Occams Razor

    Hi all, The SE razor, Occam's Razor, is marketed as being "the simplest solution" to shaving. Can we all agree to that? If not, my point below is moot. Assuming we are in agreement, first, Occam's Razor as defined in the dictionary does not mean "the simplest solution." No big deal. But...
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    ATT SE1 Windsor

    This retails for $185. Head only: $105 Complete razor - with original packaging: $150 I'm open to trades as well, for both hardware and software. The software must be unused, however. CONUS shipping is included. I will ship international with appropriate shipping rates applied. Sent...
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    FS or Trade: Vector, ATT, Gem, Semogue

    ATT SE1 brand new and unused: $150 Gem MMOC and Semogue 1305: $20 Vector: I recently purchased this from a member for $150. That's what I would like to sell it for. It's a great razor but it didn't take the #1 spot. The Paradigm SE still holds the crown. Sold individually, or $300 for the...
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    FS ATT SE1 Brand New and some vintage

    For your consideration: ATT SE1 with Kronos SS handle and SS Satin head. Brand new in the box. Unopened and never used. $165 Gem Featherweight with case: $20 Schick E Type: $12 Gem Clogpruf: $20 Please add $4.50 for shipping. Payment via PayPal friends and family preferred. I will ship...
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    WTB: Blackland Vector

    If you don't use or want your Vector, send me a PM Sent from my Nokia 7.1 using Tapatalk
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    Razorock Old Type

    For those who have used the Razorock Old Type razor, which vintage Gilette would most closely compare? Of course the answer could be the Old Type, but I wanted to ask. Thanks for the help. Sent from my Nokia 7.1 using Tapatalk
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    Titanium Razors

    My Paradigm SE is a great razor and I enjoy using it. One of the best characteristic of the razor is how comfortable and smooth it feels on my face. It's buttery smooth...just wonderful. My question, than, is how much of the smooth comfortable feeling is because of the titanium? Do all...
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    WTT: Timeless for...

    I'd like to trade my SS Timeless .95 OC for a Raw RS10. I also have the Timeless razor stand. I'm also looking to purchase the Blackland Vector razor if someone has one for a decent price.
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    Paradigm SE: A Review

    I have spent the last month using the Paradigm SE razor, with about twenty shaves under my belt, so my thoughts regarding this razor come from some decent usage. I will break down the review into categories in order to keep my thoughts in order. The tldr; version of this review is at the very...
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    AR 15 California Law

    Hey folks, I've searched everywhere, and I apologise if this has come up a lot, but I have a question. For AR 15 owners in California who do not want to register the weapon as an assault rifle, and who do not want to make the weapon featureless, are the various "mag lock" devices sufficient...
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    Paradigm SE Design Influence

    Hi all, Someone posted a picture of a vintage SE razor that had a very similar design to the Paradigm SE. For whatever reason I can't find that post. Does anyone here know what razor I'm referring to? Sent from my Nokia 7.1 using Tapatalk
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    Blackland Vector

    Hello everyone, Last month I made a post asking if anyone would be willing to let me borrow and try out their Paradigm SE razor. That venture worked out well. I was able to borrow one for a couple of weeks, then ultimately purchased the razor, which wasn't my intent, but things worked out...