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  1. rhtoras

    Where are these supermax blades?

    I happen to like the supermax blades on the left. Especially the supermax stainless plus. Do you know where I can find these blades anymore? I would also want to know if these blades are sold under different packages and names. Thanks a lot.
  2. rhtoras

    Tobbaco and Olive Turkish colognes EDC

    There are a lot of Turkish colognes in lemon scents. Eau de colognes. They are also available in various scents. I saw a tobacco or tabacif you prefer variety and an olive oil one. What do you think about these scents? How do you like them? How they smell? Thanks a lot....
  3. rhtoras

    Yintal adjustable aliexpress razor

    I just ordered this razor for a special price under 20€(around 22 usd). Has anyone any opinion about this razor? I read in the comments of the buyer that there is a problem when inserting the blade on the low settings.You have to open and close the butterfly mechanism to work.Is there any way to...
  4. rhtoras

    Nivea SHAVE stick...

    I am talking about this shaving stick.Ok it is supposed to be for body shaving stick and without brush. I have use it with brush in my face with great results.FYI there are a few videos on internet with wet shavers using it. The scent is classic sporty lemony with an aquatic background.I suppose...
  5. rhtoras

    Satinex 2000-platinum plus blades...

    This is the blade i am asking for. What do you know? I read some rumors that these are made by personna for the Italian market. If so,then i assume from the marking: "platinum plus" that these might be Israelli personnas a.k.a Crystals a.k.a Qball platinum blades.But then again i could possibly...
  6. rhtoras

    Wilkinson economie blades

    What do you guys know about these blades? I have a package off the bay on the road to home and i wonder how they shave. I read here and there that either they are made in UK or Germany. Some claimed they are made in Italy,propably due to the fact that they are mostly available in Italy...
  7. rhtoras

    Gillette Rubie plus? New or fake?

    I really like the Gillette Rubie Platinum Plus. I recently saw some Gillette Rubie Plus without tha marking platinum on the label. Are they new?Are they fake(i doubt)?Did they stop the platinum Plus? I am waiting for your info...
  8. rhtoras

    Strong chamomile scent wanted.

    Hello my friends!!! Can you suggest me a chamomile scented shave soap with a strong scent?Creams also appreciated... I heard erasmic is one but don't know for sure... I want a herbal mix if any or a straightforward scent. Thank you very much!
  9. rhtoras

    Shave doctor-Shave creme?

    Hello Gents... What'syour opinion about shave doctor's-shave creme shaving cream? It say's it's for brush or brushless.A lot barbershops here in Greece use it. What do you say? Btw i can't find any ingredient list.Has anyone any info on the ingredients? Thanks a lot!!!
  10. rhtoras

    weird Astra superior stainless blades.the Czech ones!

    Today i found in a local shop some astra superior stainless blades.The blister pack seemed new but it was printed on it "made in Czech republic". Are these astra superior stainless different to the ones made in Russia? What do you know about them?Is there any possibility of being a copy of the...
  11. rhtoras

    Green fougere scent wanted.

    Is there a shaving cream with a green and earthy fougere scent?Mind you i have smelled all the toobs and 3t creams. Any other suggestions???
  12. rhtoras

    Tabac shaving cream_newer version

    Hi my friends?I used tabac shaving cream yesterday and i found it very good.Awesome slickness,great lather and good postshave feel.The scent isn't strong at all and a little bit differen't from the aftershave and the soap. I was reading the posts for the older version of the cream and i was a...
  13. rhtoras

    super max-aftershaves.

    Hey guys!Has anyone opinion on super-max aftershaves?I'm interested in terms of scent and skincare quality.The spring scent sounds awesome,is it fougere?Thank you.
  14. rhtoras

    MICHAEL JORDAN shaving cream.What do you know?

    MICHAEL JORDAN shaving cream.Is this cream brushless?If not how does it perform?What about scent?If the scent is like the edt it should be good. Thanks!
  15. rhtoras

    Fougere aftershave recommendations.

    I use J.Menounos fougere eau de cologne as and aftershave because it's great.A semisweet yellow fougere with spice. I know brut is fougere and i have all brut variations.Splash on cologne,asl both european and us version. I also know there are expensive edt who make expensive asl i.e paco...
  16. rhtoras

    Sample shop for shave soaps.can you remind me?

    Hey guys i can't remember a site who sells sample soaps.I am not talking about gary;sample shop.This one is in UK if i remember correctly.It had boelis,sim,abc and other expensive stuff.Thank you!
  17. rhtoras

    Czech Pitralon aftershave.

    Hey my friends!A friend of mine went to Czech yesterday and bought a pitralon-czech version-aftershave lotion for me.I am gonna post my thoughts on tuesday.Do you have any opinions?Thank you all.
  18. rhtoras

    sir irisch moos replacement.

    Hey my friends.I was wondering if there is a shave soap with a scent similar to irisch moos shave stick.Is there anything in the market?I suppose in the artisan brands something might exist.Fougere is the type of irisch moos stick,so something labelled fougere could be what i am looking...
  19. rhtoras

    green aquatic fougere soap.

    Hello gents!I smelled today an italian liquid hand soap and it was amazing.It was called felce,which is fern and belongs to fougere as you know.It was blue and smelled similar to cool water.As you know under the aquatic notes of cool water some green notes exist right?So imagine in this soap the...
  20. rhtoras

    fresh vetiver shaving soap.

    Is there any shaving soap smelling similar to fine fresh vetiver asl?I am looking for an almost dead ringer.I also wonder if there is a fresh clean green-no earthy-vetiver shaving soap suitable for summer.Can you recommend any stuff? Is crsw vetiver what i am looking for? P.s I like...