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  1. Pioneer

    FS Some Nice Razors at Low Prices

    Good evening. I dunno--razor prices fluctuate all the time, and you never know what price to put on them. I think it's a little down now, but whatever--except Fatboys--they're always up. Anyway, I have a few razors that I don't feel like gambling on eBay and would like to offer to the...
  2. Pioneer

    FS Aristocrats, Rocket, Slim

  3. Pioneer

    FS Some Very Clean Razors

    Some very clean razors from my collection, polished and sanitized. Thes have just been sitting in my storage drawer, and I'm trying to clean house a little. I think these are fair prices, but please let me know if you think not: Black handle adjustable (all paint present) W-1 = $45 Slim (all...
  4. Pioneer

    FS Some Razors and a Homemade Stand

    Gents, I have some nice razors & a homemade stand for anyone interested. First the razors: 1. Fatboy, fully functional and clean G-4 date code. $55 2. Ball end Tech w/ Gillette logo, excellent K-2 date code. $25 3. Superspeed NDC, excellent. $25 4. SS B-3, very nice, only one that needs a...
  5. Pioneer

    FS 1902 Star razor with tin and a Red & Black Set

    Evening, I have here a nice Star razor from circa 1902, perhaps earlier. It's in beautiful condition, for its age. As you can see by the photos, it is fully functional. These razors will take Gem blades and you can get a nice smooth bbs with them. Comes in its metal tin, which in itself is a...
  6. Pioneer

    Ebay and the growth of DE razors

    I don't know how long y'all have been at this hobby, but it's been ~10 years or so for me. I guess I'm lamenting the market-driven costs of DE razors on eBay. Back in the good ol' days (heh heh), you could pick up some nice finds for a reasonable price, but these days it's much, much different...
  7. Pioneer

    You Need a Hat? Big Hat Sale

    Gents, I have far too many hats in my wardrobe, so this is an attempt to clear some of them out (struck a while back with H.A.D.), even some new ones. I have a big head, so most of these are sized XL, which will work, I've found, with heads from 7 1/2 - 7 3/4, though the latter may be a tad snug...
  8. Pioneer

    Online shopping at Land's End

    Pretty sure my brain is jumbled and this is proof. My original post, which is here - Online shopping @LL Bean - anyone? - questioned if any gents shopped at LL Bean when I actuall meant Land's End. The two are easily confused, I'll tell myself. Anywho, seems Bean does NOT ship w/out tags, from...
  9. Pioneer

    Parker Jotter issues

    Picked up a relatively cheap, new Jotter fountain (kind w/ the short cartridges) and have discovered that it writes sporadically, meaning only here and there does ink come out. Now I know that it's not a "true" fountain, but surely Parker wouldn't put out a piece of junk, right? Maybe I'm doing...
  10. Pioneer

    How is Old Spice these days?

    Just like the title says: Considering revisiting Old Spice (haven't since the 80s)--so these are my questions: How is the A/S? Did I see a cologne spray? How is that? Someone mentioned somewhere "Made in India" is good--anyone know?
  11. Pioneer

    Online shopping @LL Bean - anyone?

    Any of you fellows shop online at Bean? I usually hit the store but found some super online deals lately. Turns out, when I got them, a couple of items had no tags!!? Granted, they were all in bags, but the no tags thing seems weird to me. Why ship something without any tags? Seems like it could...
  12. Pioneer

    Proraso cologne line

    Anyone try the three (fairly) new Proraso colognes? Do you have any feedback on these? I'm thinking of pulling the trigger because I love Proraso, but I think I want to hear more about the scent, longetivity, notes, etc. before I do. Thanks.
  13. Pioneer

    Question for the brush experts

    Does this brush look used to you all? From the lack of a bloom, I'd say no, but them I'm no expert. I wanted to see what you all who do restos and have seen your share of used brushes thought. Can you tell what type of hair? Make an educated guess?
  14. Pioneer

    Shaving with Schick injectors

    Been shaving w/ DEs for years but am interested in possibly acquiring an injector or two. Here are my questions for the injector shavers: 1) What models can we get new blades for (series M, etc.)? 2) Does anyone have any advice for how injectors compare to DE razors (maybe which ones, say Old...
  15. Pioneer

    Two Aristocrats - Executive & Slim

    Here are a couple of extras from my stash, trying to get some room in the den. Thought I would offer them here before I send them to eBay. These are both very nice, the Executive fatboy is D-3 and has an amzing shing shine, all paint on numbers, looks / operates very smooth. The Slim, a G-3, has...
  16. Pioneer

    Lands End online

    First purchase at LE online, though I've been to the shops in Sears (way more stuff online)> Anywho, bought a nice down vest and winter sweater for cheap last month on a sale, and be damned if it didn't come in the funniest bags for each garment. Weird thing was the sweater, though it came in a...
  17. Pioneer

    Pocket watch question

    Just purchased a used one and it looks almost new. Problem is that it runs for a couple minutes then stops (it is a wind up). Anyone versed in these watches? What's the fix?
  18. Pioneer

    Gillettes: Prez, 'Crat, Tucky, SS

    Some interesting items for sale—all prices CONUS. Use the pm feature; first come, first served. Int’national pm me to work out shipping costs. 1. Y-1 Gillette President 1953, case and razor fully operational and very good condition. Razor looks very good, as shown, slight tarnish on handle...
  19. Pioneer

    Cowboy boot question

    Hey, just got myself a new pair of boots for the first time in I don't know how many years...been a long time. They're Ariat Ropers. Love 'em so far. Question is, is it best to go ahead and condition them up before I start wearing them or not? I typically use Bick 4 on my leather stuff.
  20. Pioneer

    Savile Row 3118 and Merkur

    ltems shipped with tracking safely packed. Please use the pm feature and I will accept first bids as they come. Pictures below text. 1. Savile Row 3118, completely handmade faux ivory resin handle, lathe turned, and dense 18mm knot, silvertip badger hair. Great vertical strength (read: not...