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  1. ajduplessis

    Spring/Summer Soaps

    Stirling MITA Stirling SDM RazoRock MF Tabac
  2. ajduplessis

    Owners of 7-Day Sets - What Prompted You To Buy One?

    I don't own a 7 day set but would buy if I could find one. History, maintenance and using these razors is a journey not just of shaving but of personal improvements. So I would get a set for the same reasons why I own and use 30 others.
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    July 1956?
  4. ajduplessis

    Chipped blade.

    600 grit is plenty to remove chips
  5. ajduplessis

    Reviving My 7DS...?

    I would do the same. Have them engraved and the polish the spines afterwards to make sure you don’t damage your strops. I would also clean up the jimps. Nice set dude.
  6. ajduplessis

    Maintaining Timber Scales

    Its all about weight, balance and preference. I love wood scale and will surely do some more. Rubberwood scales treated with beeswax only. Razor 6/8 hollow grind weighting 43g Mopane wood with a lot of layers of clearcoat. a lot heavier but well balanced. Razor 6/8 hollow grind weighting 52g
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    Tang stampings and blade engravings

    Beautiful Boker. It sure looks like paint on the tang, difficult to say for sure from photo. Typically tang stamps are clear but patina over the years becoming darker. Could also just be artifact from the stamping process. I would leave it as is.
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    What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

    @Tomo Firstly you are doing lot better than when I started. Couple of thoughts... Bad prep, dry lather, blunt razor (your razor should be good, IME you can't over strop a razor with good technique. Keep stropping), steep shaving angles and pressure will result in bad shaves. Lift your chin...
  9. ajduplessis

    Stropping the night before?

    More Test Data Shaved with a Dovo 5/8 BQ this morning. The razor was honed and stropped late last year but never move into rotation. I used the razor as is, no stropping and it performed flawlessly in a 3 pass shave with Tabac. Its been nearly an quarter since this razor received any attention...
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    Why do YOU use a straight razor?

    There is no better way to shave or care for your skin. That’s why I use a straight.
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    Rough Rider - Masons razor

    Thanks everyone. I did some digging myself and its indeed 440 made in china RSO.
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    Rough Rider - Masons razor

    I would appreciate some info on this razor, it’s a brand I am not familiar and the masons etch and wording is very interesting.
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    What's Your Brush Today?

    omega 11137
  14. ajduplessis

    Loading & Face Lathering Techniques

    Proraso Red performs great.
  15. ajduplessis

    Boar Brush Prep - Why Refrigerate?

    Badger bristles dont split...
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    TI razor won't cut

    What grind is the blade?