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  1. studdmstr

    Another Rudy Vey Creation

    Here's another of Rudy's works of art....Shavemac D01 Three-Band 24mm knot in fan shape with a loft of 52mm. As with everyone's experience Rudy was a pleasure to work with and answered all questions and gave advice.
  2. studdmstr

    Lots of pain and pulling.HELP!

    Need some advice from the pros here! I’m currently a weekend DE shaver, but this weekend I didn’t shave till around Sunday afternoon and when I did I had some serious pulling and pain on parts of my face (chin and mustache area). Normally I shave every weekday with an electric still…I know I...
  3. studdmstr

    Birthday is coming up .New Stainless Razor Recommendations?

    I am looking to get my first (and hopefully last) high end stainless razor. Something that has higher production tolerance's and quality control than the mass produced razors, so I’m looking to get a little advice and recommendations from the more experienced of this great forum...
  4. studdmstr

    Crabtree & Evelyn West Indian Lime shave cream

    I’m very new to wet shaving and have been wanting to try a nice shave cream to compare against the soaps I’ve been using. I found there was a Crabtree & Evelyn outlet about 15 min away so I took a quick Sunday drive out, sniffed all their samples of shave cream and decided on the...
  5. studdmstr

    Bowl lathering question

    When using a soap and bowl what is the right technique or usage? 1. Store the soap cake in the bowl and build lather on the soap 2. Keep the soap in another container, load up your wet brush with soap and then build lather in your shave bowl?
  6. studdmstr

    Rooney Bee Hive "Heritage" Pure Badger Worth It?

    Considering purchasing a Rooney Beehive "Heritage" Pure....Is it worth the money or should my $$$'s be better spent else where. The Bee Hive handle brushes from Rooney and Simpson really call to me, but are pricey.
  7. studdmstr

    New Brush Shopping Tonight!

    I need some input on picking up a new brush tonight. Currently I’ve been using a Tweezerman badger brush so obviously I’m not experienced with quality brushes and just starting with lathering. I’m looking to add to my stable and try something new…no I don’t have the bug :biggrin1:. Here’s...
  8. studdmstr

    What a difference a blade makes!

    As a newbie to DE shaving I never knew there were be such a huge difference in blades. My first couple of shaves were with the Merkur blade that came packaged with the razor, which were disappointing and not very close. I decided to change out the blade with a Derby blade and WOW what a...
  9. studdmstr

    Newbie from California

    Hey everyone, Been thinking about changing the say I shave for a few years now. I've always been an electric or cheap disposable shaver since I started shaving (20+ yrs) and have never really been all that satisfied with the closeness or longevity. I've been going back and forth between a...