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    Multi tool tamper

    Aloha, Is there a multi-tool that includes a tamper for pipes? I am looking for something along the lines of a Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman with a tamper as one of the tools. Mahalo
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    Vintage scales

    Aloha, Has anyone else bought a vintage razor just for the scales. I inherited my father's straight razors and have one blade only in desperate need of new scales. I saw a vintage razor on the bay with really beautiful scales and I was about to put in a bid but, thought I should get some...
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    UV light sanitizer

    Aloha, Has anyone stored their razor under a UV Light sanitizer. I have a couple extra slots in my PureBrush Toothbrush sanitizer that uses UV light to sanitize your toothbrushes. I was thinking since I have it out already for my toothbrushes, I could use the extra space for my razor and...
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    Facial Wash

    Aloha, Has anyone else used shaving soap and a brush to wash their face? I was practicing my bowl lathering technique, with my supply of Col Conks soap, and decided to lather up my face since it was already to go. After I did my normal areas and rinsed off I noticed how clean and soft my skin...
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    Cool Aftershave Splash

    Aloha, Finally understanding what they mean by different angles of hair growth. It seems that right under my chin on the right side the hair grows to the right. On the left side it grows down. Really weird. But at least I'm getting a closer shave now. The question I have is with...
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    Long term storage

    Aloha, Still a newbie with many questions. I started with the VDH Deluxe boar hair brush and finally figured out how to get the best lather from it. I love it. I thought it would be the only brush I own. Well, we know how that goes. I am now anxiously awaiting my order of Parker Silver Tip...
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    Feeling Daring

    Aloha, Ever wake up and feel like you're ready to take on the world. Only to find out a simple Merkur razor tackles you, beats you, and make you it's sissy boy. That was today. Still being a newbie but feeling more confident each day. I was going really slow with the pressure on the razor...
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    serikloo's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Dennis What are your nicknames/aliases? Sarek Where do you live? Honolulu, HI What is your age (or) generation? 50 What are you in the real world? Instructor What is your favorite shave setup? Merkur HD 34C What are your hobbies and favorite...
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    Converted from electric shaver

    Aloha, Just turned 50 and I am brand new to wet shaving. I started out with my grandpa's old Norelco rotary and have always used a Norelco since. My dad has always used a straight razor as long as I can remember. I recently found his old straight razors and decided to give wet shaving a try...