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  1. DrewMc

    Has anyone tried the Helmm deodorants?

    I'm intrigued by the refillable nature of it, but would love to hear from anyone who has tried it. Scent, effectiveness, etc. Anyone?
  2. DrewMc

    My den: Did some thinning out and reorganized a bit

    Got rid of some stuff I didn’t love, and made some space for some new stuff I’m going to try...
  3. DrewMc

    Carryon Travelers: How do you send ahead your shave stuff?

    I travel a lot. I never check my luggage. I have been using a cartridge razor when traveling, but don’t really like it. This week I came home and my skin looks and feels terrible. I’m ready for a new approach. I just went through and read a bunch of travel-related threads and learned three...
  4. DrewMc

    First DE shave (in five years)

    I’ve been heading into DE shaving (after an abbreviated attempt five years ago). I’ve spent the last couple of months getting back into soaps, creams, brushes, and all that stuff, while still using modern cartridges. Finally got a Merkur 34c and a blade sampler and did my first DE shave today...
  5. DrewMc

    My new shaving den!

    Finally finished a multi-month renovation, which included a complete re-do of our master bathroom. We put in three of these wall cabinets, and one is now my nicely organized shave cabinet. I’m excited to show you all:
  6. DrewMc

    Gillette Fusion Power handles

    I get great results with Gillette Fusion Power, but the plastic handles on mine are showing their age. I would spend the money on a higher-quality beautiful handle, and I see some Fusion-compatible ones out there, but none with the vibrating “Power” feature. Anybody know of any?
  7. DrewMc

    Trip Report! Pasteur Pharmacy in NYC

    I have to be in NYC for business this week, so came a couple of days early to enjoy a weekend here. Naturally, this included a pilgrimage to Pasteur Pharmacy on 34th street. There were several other shave enthusiasts in the narrow aisle today (any of you?)—I hope they do a brisk business...
  8. DrewMc

    Trip Report! Merchant and Rhoades, Chicago

    I had a professional barbershop shave today at Merchant & Rhoades in Chicago. The shop is smaller than I expected, but very clean and beautifully decorated. It's a high-end and old-fashioned barbershop. Ornate chairs, lots of wood in the stalls, barbers in white coats, and so on. The product...
  9. DrewMc

    Physical storefronts/shops to visit?

    I travel a lot for business, and would love to visit shave shops in different cities. Nominate your favorite shops and where they are. I promise to post after I visit! I'm mostly interested in shopping for shave products (especially artisan), but you can also post a good place to get a shave if...