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  1. lmill999

    Traveling Slant - Try Before You Buy

    2. texasAUtiger 3. Joshf128 4. DocRokRx 5. andyr 6. JohnG10 7. Chrisf8657 8. Sucker_dad 9. Abragus 10. blinkstafoo182 11. Jwesleym I'm taking myself off the list. Thanks for the opportunity.
  2. lmill999

    Lost my Featherginity today

    Feather blades have no equal in my eyes. Sure, the blades cost a little more, but for good reason. Recently I haven't used anything but Feather blades in my Feather AS-D1. They are the sharpest and smoothest blades for my face.
  3. lmill999

    Back to the land of cold water shaving

    I've really settled in on using room temperature water. It seems to be the most comfortable shave for me.
  4. lmill999

    Grooming Lounge Vs. The Art of Shaving

    This. You could even call or email one of our vendors and they could personalize a kit just for you.
  5. lmill999

    Proraso Green Aftershave BALM

    I would be thrilled to see someone carry the green balm here in the states. The green Proraso line is the best line of wet shaving products.
  6. lmill999

    Pick one country for all your soaps, AS etc and one for you Razor and blades.

    Software - Italy. Italians just know what they are doing when it comes to software Hardware - Japan. Feather razor and blades for me.
  7. lmill999

    What razor/ blade did you use today

    Feather and a Feather
  8. lmill999

    Your Top 3 Performing Soaps

    Speick, Tabac and Haslinger in no particular order. I rarely use anything else anymore.
  9. lmill999

    A little love for the Speick

    Speick stick is one my favorites. Top 3 for me. I love the lather and the scent.
  10. lmill999

    Palmolive sticks are awesome

    I haven't used Arko or Palmolive a lot yet, but so far I've found Palmolive the superior soap. Not too mention it smells much better.
  11. lmill999

    I'd "lather" be shaving

    Nice job on figuring it out. I've found that the knot needs to open up some in order to make a nice lather.
  12. lmill999

    What's your soap for today?

    Palmolive stick.
  13. lmill999

    Do you moisturize?

    I wash my face in the morning and the evening. My routine consists of face wash, witch hazel, oil free moisturizer. My skin thanks me for it.
  14. lmill999

    Gillette red tip

    Congrats on the razor. The Red Tip is my favorite Gillette razor.
  15. lmill999

    Floid Blue vs Aqua Velva

    They are both very good aftershave. Two of my favorites. Each is nice in its own way. The scents are similar but definitely different. While I enjoy the scent of AV, I like the scent of Floid Blue more.
  16. lmill999

    Desert island

    Thater 4125/2 and a puck of Tabac.
  17. lmill999

    Is there any better soap than Haslinger Schafmilch?

    I used this the other night. I loaded my brush with my normal amount of soap and it took forever to mix enough water in. I was surprised how much less I could use of the soap to make a sufficient lather.
  18. lmill999

    Cofuswd night shaver

    Don't feel too bad about 8 soaps. I had 25+ before I sold off a bunch. There are others here that make my 25 look small.
  19. lmill999

    Creams really ARE the bomb

    Speick is a great cream! That and Musgo are my two favorite creams.
  20. lmill999

    Soap advice

    The Real Shaving Company creams that Turtle mentioned are also available at Rite-Aid. I got a tube for about $5 and it worked well with my well water.