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    Fougere Gothique

    You guys who like Hallows, do you like Fougere Gothique as well? I love Hallows and I'm trying to decide if I want to take the plunge on this one. TIA for input.
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    Colonel X2L and Commodore X2 Density

    Which has greater density, or are they pretty similar?
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    TOBS Eton College and Stirling Baker Street

    For you guys that have these soaps/creams, what do you like? I know there's an Eton College cologne for that, but what about others? TIA Donnie
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    Test photo

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    Meijer Spice

    Is this one made by Vi Jon too? Not trying to start up the OS wars, just curious. I carried a little red bottle of that stuff in my travel shave kit for years. I lived in Ann Arbor in the mid-90's and I recall thinking at the time that it was a really good copy. Feeling nostalgic tonight I...