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  1. ShavefanGP

    Why Badger....

    Hi- I have been into wet shaving for almost a year; Was quickly addicted and ended up with 8 silvertip brushes - Rudy Vey, TGN, Shavemac etc with silvertip, super silvertip, Grade A knots and what not !! Everything was fine and worked as a dream.. Until I got my first SOC boar brush, fully...
  2. ShavefanGP

    30mm Wood and Ivory Barrel Brush

    30mm Silvertip Grade A brush made of eucalyptus burl wood and ivory resin, pre and post bloom. Knot set at 52mm loft; Wonderfully soft tips with great backbone. Any comments ?
  3. ShavefanGP

    Three new custom brushes - pre and post bloom

    Bob.F Molten Chubby 30mm TGN Finest Rod Neep Barrel shaped Red Coral 26mm Extra Silvertip Rod Neep Special Square with Rounded Corners Ivory 26mm Extra Silvertip Which one do you guys like ?
  4. ShavefanGP

    Antler handle with extra silver tip knot

    My latest acquisition. An red deer antler handle with "extra silver tip" knot from Rod Neep. Wonderfully soft tips set at 48mm for a 28mm knot. The best knot I have so far. What do you all Think ?
  5. ShavefanGP

    Home made razor stand - New and Improved

    Encouraged by your comments on Home made razor stand part I here, I ventured into making a larger stand (thanks to severe RAD and SBAD) to hold all my razors, brushes and the shaving bowl. Here it is, sitting in the bathroom countertop - the overall profile is 18 x 15 inches, so it is not that...
  6. ShavefanGP

    Softest Knot in the market

    Hi- I am looking to add one more brush to my den. I am looking for one with the softest tip there is available today. I have a few RV brushes with TGN silvertip A, Shavemac silvertip and two TGN finest knots. Of all, I feel the TGN silvertip A is the softest. Appreciate your advice.
  7. ShavefanGP

    What is this in the Antique store ?

    Hi All, I visited an antique store today and found this razor (second from left) in the shelf. All the four corner teeth are bent inwards slightly and initially thought that it was by design; but when inspected closely, it was not the case. it made Need your help to identify the razor; When...
  8. ShavefanGP

    What kind of NEW is this ?

    I picked this up from an antique store. Has the exact same dimensions as my other long comb NEW, but in my other NEWs, the head to base plate alignment is through a long grove that runs along the plates and the blade sits on the groove as well. In this one, the head to baseplate alignment is...
  9. ShavefanGP

    BRW Bull Mastiff Deluxe

    Just got this today, added my EJ DE89 head.. Absolutely wonderful American craftsmanship from Bob. Will load a feather and shave with it tomorrow. Anyone tried this combo - BRW+EJ+Feathers ?
  10. ShavefanGP

    TGN Finest 30mm Knot setting

    Hi- I am having the TGN 30mm Finest knot set in a handle. The knot as such says 67mm (height) in their website. I would like to have it set so that it has a decent backbone, but doesn't become scrubby or scratchy. What height do you recommend from your experience ? Thanks for your help !
  11. ShavefanGP

    Long comb NEW - Question

    Hi- I got two long comb NEWs from members here. One has a patent mark on it and the other doesn't have any mark except "Made in USA". The one with the patent mark has clearance around the base of the thread (the alignment groove doesn't go all the way) and my thick EJ handle fits perfectly. So I...
  12. ShavefanGP

    Home made razor stand

    Before I get you all excited, I have to say that I am neither a skilled craftsman nor the finished product is professional. It is just an attempt to make my own stuff with minimum tools and some spare time on hand. Here it is, made with Bubinga wood and finished with oil/polyurethane; Can hold 5...
  13. ShavefanGP

    Head for spare EJ handle

    I have a spare EJ chrome handle that I would like to put to use by purchasing a head. I love the mild-moderate shaving from the EJ head. I also use a 65 gillette slim in 4-5 setting. Now I just want to have a different razor experience. So I need your help in advising me of a similar head (not...
  14. ShavefanGP

    Replating 1965 Gillette Slim - Need advice

    I am getting a 1965 Gillette Slim K-3 in a very good condition - it is in the mail. I am thinking about sending it for restoration/replating to Razor Emporium. Need to get your thoughts on 1) Should I 24K gold plate it or Rhodium plate it. I like both, please let me know your preferences, pros...