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  1. Bayamontate

    Coticules and secondary bevels

    +1, unicot=crutch.
  2. Bayamontate

    Professional Honing in Denver?

    I'll do it for free of charge just cover shipping both ways, I'm not the Honemeister but I am a Mack.
  3. Bayamontate

    Question on Vermio Stone

    My experience was the same as Gamma's ( I tested his Vermio), I was able get nice edge but felt that it stalled short of the aggressiveness I like. Still a very capable hone.
  4. Bayamontate

    McVeyMac Straight Journal

    Your Tanaka needs a bevel reset, it has most likely lost its integrity and your touch-up was not enough.
  5. Bayamontate


    I used to use their 1K and 5K and they worked well.
  6. Bayamontate

    McVeyMac Straight Journal

    For the traditional aesthetic classic bamboo is the way to go, while it looks beautiful water will eventually reach the handle causing oxidation which will ultimately lead to some form of rust. Regardless of the wrapping material you apply rust will appear at some point, I have apply two wraps...
  7. Bayamontate

    McVeyMac Straight Journal

    I'm glad your enjoying your edges! Kamisori were designed for monks to shave eachother so some improvisation with grips will always be part of the exercise. Thankfully this is not the case as far as the angle is concerned , that is already set, simply keep the Omote flat on your face and let the...
  8. Bayamontate

    Stropping wedge blades/new strop

    I use a paddle strop to strop wedge blade sections, IMO a flat stropping surface helps the user manipulate the sections better.
  9. Bayamontate

    How much imperfection to leave on a blade?

    Many of those old, mirror polished war birds are buffed to death (lost of temper) to look pretty. I like a clean, matted finish, I think it looks pretty cool against the shiny bevel.
  10. Bayamontate

    Show us your Japanese naturals

    Hiba is good stuff, I made two Hinoki Dai from pieces I had left over from a humidor, good stuff too.
  11. Bayamontate

    Jerry Stark Custom

    I honed several of his razors and all have been very well made of quality steel and craftsmanship.
  12. Bayamontate

    Honed a couple of razors last night.some trouble with a 1/4 hollow

    The 1st and 2nd generation Portlands are fine razors when you figure out the spine/bevel relationship, once you get to the apex of the edge they are not any easier or more difficult to hone than any other razor. On the 1st generation razors achieving the optimal bevel angle can be tricky.
  13. Bayamontate

    Honemeister for ZY430+?

    The ZYs play real nice with Coticules, Jarrod is a great choice.
  14. Bayamontate

    Maxing Out A Coticule

    Maxing out generally means finishing, as a mid-range hone it's all creating slurry consistent with achieving the desired task.
  15. Bayamontate

    Maxing Out A Coticule

    Maxing an out edge on a Coticule has more to do with the maximum capabilities of the particular Coticule and the hand of the honer than any other variable, this strop or that strop, this paste or that paste should not be the final determining factor. Granted, a good linen stropping provides a...
  16. Bayamontate

    coti question

    What you have read is an over-simplicification, all natural hones are different even those reported to come from the same vein.
  17. Bayamontate

    Welsh slate beats my coticule!

    I have had very limited success with the Welsh slates, all of them stalled at some point before maxing out even the burgundy ones. Some Coticules are better finishers than others and some not practical finishers but still doable under the right circumstances.
  18. Bayamontate

    What did you hone today?

    I used TBN as an example, depending on the progression Atsu can fit in several diffferent applications.