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  1. 147_Grain

    Cleaning the second component of a vintage strop with a stitched-on handle

    I've got a couple of vintage strops from the 'bay coming in in the next week or so that have stitched handles. On the leather component, I'm planning to take what seems to be the normal approach of restoring (saddle soap, sandpaper, glass bottle, neatsfoot oil) as described in the wiki and...
  2. 147_Grain

    1893 Boker World's Fair - Baby's first restoration

    Gents, A few months ago I had a bit of change burning a hole in my pocket and thus I picked up a pair of old razors at a local antique store. One of them was a Wade & Butcher near-wedge (or quarter-hollow, can't tell for sure myself) with horn scales that was in good enough shape to simply...
  3. 147_Grain

    Strop Shoppe Lather Explosion! or, The Limits of the "use more product" adage

    I got a jar of Strop Shoppe Bay Rum last week, and I did my first test lather last night using my 22/50 WD silvertip brush. The instructions on the jar said to load for 20 seconds, but with this brush I normally load for about 60 seconds depending on the soap, so I split the difference and...
  4. 147_Grain

    Best sandalwood and bay rum scented soaps?

    My lovely wife gave me some aftershave balms from Barclay Crocker for Christmas this year (their Vitamin E based line). I'm quite pleased with the performance of this aftershave - it really makes my face feel great! Apparently they give you the ability to mix & match scents, and the two she...
  5. 147_Grain

    DE89 broke when dropped. Anywhere to get a replacement cap?

    Yesterday I dropped my DE89 after shaving. It landed on the side from what I could tell, and to my surprise and chagrin the cap broke - the screw part sheared off from the rest of the cap. The guard and handle seem to be undamaged, and it seems wasteful to buy a whole new razor because one...
  6. 147_Grain

    First DE shave, feels good man

    Hello gentlemen, I had my first wet shave today. I had picked up one of the Van der Hagen badger brush/soap/mug kits a couple of months ago and I had been using it with my normal disposable Gillette three blade torture devices, but last week I sprung for a DE razor and some blades. I...