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  1. ironfist

    Anyone actually saving money?

    Doubt it! Haha!
  2. ironfist

    Danny DeVito Aqua velva ice blue!!

  3. ironfist


    This thread is making me WANT one but i don't NEED one haha! :D
  4. ironfist

    Arko Cream

    I have this and the olive version, infact i used the olive one the other day and used too much, oily shiny face haha!
  5. ironfist

    Vintage Shulton Old Spice Cream

    Neat find, i can smell it from here! :D
  6. ironfist

    New TOBS Fan

    +1 on the Royal Forest :)
  7. ironfist

    Rooney Brushes

    Very nice! :D Always loved the butterscotch handles.
  8. ironfist

    Rooney Brushes

    So jealous! Fantastic! :D
  9. ironfist

    New budget Simpson synthetic: Trafalgar

    Any updates? They do look nice! :D
  10. ironfist

    1952 newspaper clipping re Alexander Simpson

    Interesting! Cheers for sharing!
  11. ironfist

    What is Your Grail Razor?

    Right now probably a Gillette bulldog/Toggle/double ring :)
  12. ironfist

    2020 first safety razor purchase!!

    Looks great, congrats man! :)
  13. ironfist

    Which Yaqi for 11.11?

    Mine just says awaiting dispatch, hopefully it won't be too long :)
  14. ironfist

    Which Yaqi for 11.11?

    Out of curiosity, anyone had theirs shipped yet? :)
  15. ironfist

    Ahoy, show us yer limes, matey!

    Damn they are nice! :D
  16. ironfist

    Duru Kolonya from Turkey

    Have you guys tried the duru green tea? :D
  17. ironfist

    A Minty Red And Black Set

    Wow, great score! looks amazing
  18. ironfist

    KIRK'S Gentle Castile Soap: REVIEW

    sorry for bumping the thread, where in the uk do you buy it?
  19. ironfist

    DR Harris Marlborough

    I love the scent of marlborough, subtle yet classy! :D