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  1. BrentD86

    Straight razor blade not centered

    Hello, has anyone ever gotten a straight razor and the pivot pin appear to be misaligned in the scales? I just bought a new wacker and the blade is so far off center that if I don’t push it to center when closing the toe actually hots and stops on the horn scale. Does anyone know how to...
  2. BrentD86

    How to keep Brush and Bowl warm between passes?

    Hello, relatively new to this so please forgive what is probably a dumb question. I am learning to SR shave and my passes take a good amount of time. When it cones time to relather my face the brush, bowl, and lather has gone cold. I am unsure how to keep it warm without resoaking the brush...
  3. BrentD86

    New to the art of SR shaving

    Hello Everyone. I started down this path simply wanting a better shaving cream, which led to picking up a DE razor... Before I knew it there I was last night, standing in front of my mirror with my first SR in my hand (a 6/8 TI full hollow), wondering if things were going to go my way or if...
  4. BrentD86

    New To This

    Hello Everyone, I am Relatively new to wet shaving. I started down the rabbit hole by simply wanting higher quality shaving cream that is lathered with a brush, which led to wanting to try a better razor than the multi blade cartridges I have used for years. I have now used a DE razor for a...