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  1. Galhatz

    Cash - does anybody still use it?

    I mostly get cash for my kid's allowance.
  2. Galhatz

    Mailing lithium batteries from overseas hack!

    Yikes. What was specified in the customs declaration?
  3. Galhatz

    Hard life lessons

    Don't hire friends.
  4. Galhatz

    From badger to boar

    The green omega is better IMHO than the Zenith. It has much more backbone, even the "scrubby" Zenith.
  5. Galhatz

    Zenith Manchurian 2 Band Badger

    I have this brush on a similar handle (blue java style) and it is indeed excellent. I like it better than my manchurian Simpson, which is smaller and was more than twice the cost.
  6. Galhatz

    Colonial General V1

    I have the Aluminum version and for me it is the best head design I have tried. I prefer lighter Aluminum razors, so I am all set unless Colonial offers the V2 in Aluminum. I even bought a second as a backup...
  7. Galhatz

    Thoughts on the RazoRock Eco

    FWIW, I didn't like it at all and traded it. The new owner loves it. To each his own...
  8. Galhatz

    GameChanger .84 Safety Bar vs Merkur 39c vs Fatip Piccolo

    I have thd Fatip Grande, same head as the piccolo, and I find it a bit too aggressive. I gave the Fatip Gentile to a friend who is very happy with it, for me it was ineffective. Merkur heads are ok for beginners, I sold mine ages ago. Now the RazoRock Gamechanger 0.84 is in my opinion in a...
  9. Galhatz

    Thoughts on the RazoRock Eco

    I think you were the only one that cared enough to contact about it. I was very surprised, not for the good, about the eco. RazoRock razors are usually on the mild and forgiving side. I don't mind aggressive razors and used to shave with straight razors for a while. I found the eco to be...
  10. Galhatz

    Game changer .84

    It's my favorite DE razor
  11. Galhatz

    Stainless Lupo

    Same here
  12. Galhatz

    What are you listening to?

    The most exquisite recording of the Mozart piano concertos: Schiff, Mozarteum Salzburg with Vegh.
  13. Galhatz

    RazoRock ECO First Look

    I agree with you about the Lupo, if doesn't glide very smoothly, and I think part of it is due to the finish. I tried it with different blades and gave up on it, too mild to be effective like the Baby smooth.
  14. Galhatz

    Hawk owners, how about that eco?

    I have the Hawk, v1 and v2. It is a pretty good design, and it is a top tier razor for me, with a Schick ProLine blade (albeit in that tier, the Colonial General is my favorite). I am curious about the eco, anyone has both by any chance?
  15. Galhatz

    Boar / badger mixed brushes

    I had a Semogue SOC LE 2012 mixed a while back that for some really odd reason I sold. It was pretty good, with an excellent handle. I felt at the time the knot was too big... go figure... Semogue since then re-released it, I got one and the knot is great. Really great. Great backbone and soft...
  16. Galhatz

    Cold brew coffee? +/-

    I used to make it like so: Line a cup with a cotton sheet, i got it in a cooking store. Put 18gr of ground coffee Add water Cover Place in fridge for 24 hours Next day: use the cotton to collect the coffe and squeeze out all the liquid, cotton is a 3d filter sort. The coffee is very tasty, it...
  17. Galhatz

    Should a gentleman carry a handkerchief ?

    Of course a handkerchief. Wiping off gunpowder with a Kleenex is simply barbaric.
  18. Galhatz

    High cost of dying

    In catch 22, Doc Daneeka's wife started to receive checks to cover the funeral costs from the multiple organizations in which he was a member once he was declared a casualty of war.
  19. Galhatz


    My kids just started to watch TNG. They are om season 1 episode 4. They are hooked!
  20. Galhatz


    Poor nutrition habits are in many cases the root cause for heartburn. Prilosec is usually prescribed for 2 weeks, to allow for relief. Follow up with a dietitian is part of the treatment. However, there are other root causes, that cannot be treated with home remedies or lifestyle changes...