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    Taylor of old bond street sandalwood after question

    so I pulled the trigger on a container of Taylor of old bond street sandalwood, well I need to get a new sandalwood aftershave, does anyone know of the Taylor of old street sandalwood has alcohol in it? It’s hard to find that answer. Also if anyone has any sandalwood recommendations besides...
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    Taylor of old bond street, plastic container/cream or wooden bowl/puck

    So I have been eye balling a new Sandalwood for fall/winter, and of course everyone here says Taylor of Old Bond Street, I have burned through the Proraso Red and really liked it, but I would like to try something different. So I made the decision that I think I'm going to go with Taylor of Old...
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    why no Proraso Blue in a tub

    So with the proraso blue line that came out, how come they offer it in a tube, but not a tub like the red or green. Doe anyone have any insight to this at all?
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    Gold dollar customized razors on Etsy

    a few days ago I came across a seller on Etsy selling his own grand of shave soap and also customized gold dollar straight razors, for the life of me, I can’t recall who it was, does anyone maybe recall and or know?
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    Lavender Aftershave/Soap Combos.......what do you use and what do you like?

    Hello, I've decided to venture down the Lavender path and I'm looking for some recommendations on a good Lavender soap and aftershave. I've been eye balling the Lavender Essential from Razor Rock with the matching aftershave, but I'm really open to suggestions as well.
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    CAO cigars / Italia

    Just curious if anyone else here enjoys the CAO line of cigars? and has anyone here tried the Italia line from them, my local brick and mortar stores sell CAO but primarily the Flathead line.
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    New beretta 692 sporting

    So two weeks ago my new beretta 692 sporting came in. 32 in barrels true left hand factory stock, and grade 5 wood. I work part time at a gun store and so I was able to pick one up for a pretty nice price. I shot a lot of registered targets with the NSCA and my game of choice is fitasc. I’ve...
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    Baume.be soap puck

    so I inherited a pick of baume shave soap from a co worker, every once in while we will trade stuff etc. Well he claimed he couldn’t get it to work and the lather was crappy and he couldn’t get any cushion. He gave up after a month and handed me the puck. I tried it for the first time on...
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    Osage Rub vs Proraso Green Splash

    So this morning I used some Osage green that was given to me from a PIF not too long ago. I have to admit the smell really turned me off and so the bottle just sat on my shelf for a few months, well fast forward to today, I just decided to the heck with it and that I would try it. Well I loved...
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    Phoenix artisan bay rums

    I have been eye balling the Phoenix artisan bay rum offerings, however with all of the different versions, what’s a real safe go to to try?
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    Pro Kissaki / B&B straight razors

    so I currently have a Gold Dollar straight razor that I got for Christmas that I have been using and getting better at using. I’ve been eye balling adding to my collection and came across the brand of B&B pro kissaski on the old electronic “bay/auction” site. Are they decent and does anyone...
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    Colonel Conk soaps.........new products?

    Not too long ago CC soaps were brought up and scents were discussed, has anyone heard if they are coming out with anything new and or are they maybe enhancing their current scents or leaving everything alone? I'm a fan of the lime and it's a great soap for the summer.
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    Taylor of Old Bond Street new Royal Forest

    I'm shocked no one is talking about it, but I saw on social media that Taylor of Old Bond Street released a new scent called Royal Forest, judging by the description and scent profile, I'm confused on what it's suppose to smell like. However hopefully someone does a youtube review of it...
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    art of the shave........somewhat disappointing today

    So today for lunch I ran to the mall to go get some Christmas gifts for the wife, and a co-worker went along with me, actually the one that got me into wet shaving, and we decided to swing into Art of Shaving, and after looking at the prices and smelling the soaps and the other various items in...
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    proraso tub soap question

    So I don't bowl lather, I just go right to the tub of proraso and make the lather in the tub, sometimes I'll have to mix up some more if I run low after a pass, but my question is, when you guys are done, do you just rinse the excess out or do you leave the excess soap and just toss the lid on...
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    Top 5 shave soaps and aftershaves in your den

    so as I cruise through my journey of wet shaving, and get a better feel of what I like and what I’m looking for and what I enjoy having. I’ve learned that certain things will always have a spot in my den, and or will be on hand. What are you guys top fives of soaps and aftershaves?
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    Please help me ID my straight razor

    So long story short, my co worker gave me this straight razor the same day he gave my my Gillette Super Speed, he did tell me he scored it at a flea market, and that he also honed stoned and sharpened it. This is thing is sharp as hell! I’m really curious what brand it is, and what the time...
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    Favorite winter shave?

    so for those of you that live in areas with seasons, what are your go to products for a winter shave? I feel in love with the proraso wood and spice shave cream, paired with the proraso red aftershave and the red sandalwood preshave. I ask this, because I’m looking to get a nice heavy woods...
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    Sandalwood shave soap recommendations

    So I’m looking to get a sandalwood and or winter-ish scented shave soap, anyone have a seasonal favorite and does anyone have a absolute go to? I was eye balling the WCS winter blend but I’m opinion to suggestions!!!!
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    New shave den art

    so I was finally getting around to tossing out the tin box that a proraso three item kit came in. Then I got to thinking, that lid is kinda cool and might look alright hanging up. Grabbed the hammer and nails and got to work. Maybe at some point I’ll collect the other two form the red and...