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  1. jeff2011

    FSOT Barrister Fern Reserve Aftershave (NIB) and 20+ Gem PTFE Blades!

    Hi! Conus and Paypal: New in box Barrister Reserve Fern Aftershave--a wonderful scent which I received two of! Newer bottle with scent on the bottom to keep them straight. I am throwing in appx 20 (there are more, hard to count) Gem PTFE blades in the lexan/plastic case as shown--these...
  2. jeff2011

    Nancy Boy Splashes--Hot off the Presses!

    Signature Aftershave Splash Just got my Nancy Boy newsletter...and they now have splashes! Simple ingredient list, I am sure they will be delightful as are the rest of their products.
  3. jeff2011

    Paring the collection down!

    Pleased to say I only have one razor left! Gillette New with a ball end handle....I still have 4 brushes....1 badger, 2 synthetic, and 1 boar. Those are harder to work through, and my wife uses one of the synthetics with Nancy Boy cream so that is an easy one to keep. I have worked my way...
  4. jeff2011

    FS H3 Gillette Slim plus *free stuff*

    Mechanically perfect and cosmetically very good H3 Gillette Slim!! Your freebies include appx 20 PTFE Ted Pella blades, they are hard to count! Purchased new from Connaught, I have divested myself of single edges for simplification. And, a sample of Barrister Reserve Spice received around...
  5. jeff2011

    FSOT Barrister Reserve Fern A/S

    Got 2 of these for Christmas...I love the scent but it will last me....a long time! Brand new, unopened, in box. So, 18 conus and PayPal or trade for another B and M product ...lavendar...cool....Seville...if you have a Seville set I would pay the difference for both. Thanks!
  6. jeff2011

    FS Gillettes*MMOC*Injector*Oh my!

    A box of fun! PayPal/conus The whole thing including the cigar box for 110 plus 12 shipping. The contents include :. An old type (no cracks, straight teeth), Merkur Slant, an Injector, Slim Adjustable in great shape, 1971 S.S., MMOC with PTFE blades, 1971 black beauty (has a few flea bites)...
  7. jeff2011

    WTB Or Trade! Slant: Maggards, Merkur, Ikon X3 or similar.

    In exchange, I have a few items we can discuss and provide pics for: 1) Brand new in box Barrister Fern Reserve Aftershave 2) Gem Micromatic with appx. 25 PTFE Blades 3)Gillette Black Beauty, Short Handle, has some minor 'flea bites' Thanks Guys!
  8. jeff2011

    WTB Red Tip

    Looking for a nice red tip....50 is my budget so if ya have one p.m. me a pic. Thanks.
  9. jeff2011

    FS New and Improved Big Fellow; and MMOC w PTFE blades

    For sale ....conus.....PayPal.. 1) New and improved big fellow! Straight crack in barrel as is often typical, teeth look straight and the finish has a couple of small flaws which I have tried to show but vg overall . 55 shipped 2) MMOC with APPX 26 PTFE blades, it's hard to see in these...
  10. jeff2011

    What Gillette is this ?

    Found this 3 piece open comb with cool knurling today for ten bucks. Handle has a small crack but tightens up just fine. Can you help me with the model i.d.? Thanks !
  11. jeff2011

    FS Mamba, gem jr. and Ming shi

    For your viewing and shaving pleasure....to ship conus.... 1) Mamba! 35 shipped, throw in a mystic watere sample 2) Gem Jr. And Ming Shi! 15 shipped. These just aren't getting much love . Thanks for looking.
  12. jeff2011

    So I thought I would put my Mamba on b.s.t....

    And then I opened up the old cigar box where I keep the razors.....got it out....held it....felt it.....and realized I can't ! Not now. Here it is....safe with its other friends. My collection is modest, bought sold and traded for over last 9 years.
  13. jeff2011

    FSOT Barrister and Mann Roam 5th Anniversary Set

    Used ten times or less....this scent is great but my face doesn't love it . 30 shipped conus/PayPal. Will trade for similarly used Seville set, Stirling Barberhop(or other Stirling flavors, let me know)
  14. jeff2011

    What brush do you use with a beard...only shaving neck and cheeks currently

    I've done the beard thing for about 6 months. Like it . Do those of you with the beard use a smaller brush in this case? If so what one? Thanks.
  15. jeff2011

    Off the beaten path--WSP and Mystic Waters ordered!

    Having been on a steady diet of Barrister and Mann Reserve for a while, I switched it up with this order. I picked up Formula T Olympus and the matching mentholated aftershave from WSP, and Tea tree Plus from Mystic Waters (blend of tea tree, lavandin, patchouli and lemongrass) which I think...
  16. jeff2011

    FS Or ft: B and M Roam and MLS Drunken Goat

    I love these scents, but not on my face :(. So, each soap has been used about 10x, I estimate that well more than 95 percent are left. The sample of Drunken Goat aftershave is about half full. The sample of Cologne Russell has about 1/3 left. All were purchased new from Maggards. I would...
  17. jeff2011

    New Fine edt s

    I see these have been released on FB. Anybody pull the trigger yet?
  18. jeff2011

    Suggest a frag for me. 45. Divorced. And dating.

    Looking for some suggestions, as the title says I am all of those things. Looking for something that will play well in this scenario,. Bring on your suggestions !
  19. jeff2011

    Gunkote red tip, wild west brush and Blackland polished o.c.

    For your consideration, all prices conus: 1) Perfect north shore red tip, a4 date code. Just asking what i paid, 60.00. 2) Wild west 24mm synthetic. I love this and bought it to match the red tip. 40 alone or 20 with the red tip. 3) Blackland machine finished O.C. Absolutely stunning...
  20. jeff2011

    Dame Perfumery Samples

    I ordered a 1 ml sample of Dark Horse which smells amazing. Ten bucks delivered. With that, check out the other samples received: I am pretty impressed. If you are interested give it a whirl. You will be happy you did.