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  1. Copierguy

    Post with iPad

    Rythmic Razor SOTD Rythmic Razor / GSB (1)
  2. Copierguy


    Want to buy or trade for the Universal Shavette that takes the full DE blade. Thank you. Tom
  3. Copierguy


  4. Copierguy

    Darwin Test

    Loaded and ready to go.
  5. Copierguy

    iPad test

    iPad photo test.
  6. Copierguy

    I hate Windows 10 so far.

    First day and it still feels like I'm driving someone else's car. Let's try a pic..... ~ Let's try again. ~ 25 years with a GUI and MS still can not help themselves. If they let something slip out the door that works (Win 7), better change the interface to take care of that (Win 8, 8.1 and 10).
  7. Copierguy

    WTT for a RRBS razor.

    WTT for a RRBS razor. I have a variety of DEs for your consideration. Please PM me, I might have what you are looking for.
  8. Copierguy

    No tape little packing and assembled or how not to ship.

    Or it can arrive like this. (This was shipped from a member not ATT)
  9. Copierguy


    Say I want to post my D-1 photo from the pictures folder on my pc. 1. I would click on insert image. 2. Insert image dialog will open. Click on my computer tab. Then the Browse button. 3. Navigate to the photo, then click open in the lower right corner. 4. Click on the Upload file(s)...
  10. Copierguy

    I gotta get out more.

    See what I mean.
  11. Copierguy

    Toggle stuff

  12. Copierguy

    Wish list pics

    Vanta RA111 and RA112.
  13. Copierguy

    B&B Clubs

  14. Copierguy

    Rolled the dice on another V-3

    No pity party here just sharing. I've been on a roll this year with the V-3 series, picking up a very nice Super Speed and an excellent cased Milord example. So I was rather surprised to stumble into an Aristocrat V-3 the other evening while surfing at the bay. It was covered in old dry soap but...
  15. Copierguy


    Slant Pics. I
  16. Copierguy

    Just a mouse click away.

    As elmerwood can tell you there are still good deals to be had as shown in his Double Ring post. I was lucky enough to pick up this nice user Red Dot D-1 recently at a fair price and shaves great btw. The moral of the story is, keep looking.
  17. Copierguy

    Chrome toggle pics

    Like I said the razor looks and works real good....the case,not so much.
  18. Copierguy

    What is in the shipper?

    I'll buy first member a cup of coffee next time I see ya, if you can correctly identify the model razor that would come in this shipper.
  19. Copierguy

    The Long Wait. Das lange Warten .

    This one is coming in from overseas so I'm waiting the long wait, that eternity that exists from the moment you are done with paypal and the point at which you actually get to fondle, I mean hold the razor. For those of you that still get a buzz when you see a great looking razor, feast you eyes...
  20. Copierguy

    pic park

    da pics