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  1. mr_houston

    Gillette to release NEW DE razor for the holidays

    I am interested to know if there is a Gillette logo on the razor. I can’t see the bottom on any of the pictures. I don’t know why, but it would increase my interest.
  2. mr_houston


    Very cool. Are those bats?
  3. mr_houston

    First time with Gillette Atra

    If I were still shaving with a cartridge, it would be the Atra. Got one free from Gillette when I got to college in 1980 and used one through 2014. Every couple of years, I’d go searching for bulk blades on eBay. I recall a cartridge would last me a month of daily shaves. Last time I went...
  4. mr_houston

    Zookeepers of the Muhle R41 BEAST

    I joined the ranks of the Zookeepers this morning. I've been wondering about the razor for some time and have watched them sell cheaper lately. I got a chance to buy a used R102 version with white resin handle for $20 shipped and couldn't resist. Regarding the handle, I like it. Lately, I've...
  5. mr_houston

    Red Brushes

    I like red acrylic brush, esp. transparent ones. I am surprised that there aren't more of them. Or maybe I just haven't liked the ones I've seen. Is it hard to do red well? I just ordered this Yaqi for my birthday. I previously repurposed my Semogue 830 with a badger knot The...
  6. mr_houston

    The Kraken sold out?

    I've got an almost new one. I used it a couple of times, but the scent didn't agree with me. pm me and we'll work something out.
  7. mr_houston

    Timeless Aluminum Razor Set

    Ok. Here you go: Timeless Al, 3one6, Rocca - Side by Side
  8. mr_houston

    Timeless Al, 3one6, Rocca - Side by Side

    I made a comment on the Timeless Aluminum razor thread that I find these 3 razors to be similar in efficiency. @Calm_Shaver couldn't imagine that anything could better his Rocca. I get it - it's great. But he asked if I might compare the 3 razors mentioned. Now, I have. For background, I...
  9. mr_houston

    Nicks and more nicks! Gillette "NEW DELUXE"......I don't get it.

    The New Deluxe is aggressive, but manageable. Just as you suggest with the Big Boy. I like the razor. However, there is the Criterion model, which I believe you have. It shaves differently than other Deluxes. It has the handle that is attached to the base. Mine is extremely aggressive...
  10. mr_houston

    Escher/Thuringian love. show of your rocks

    I have always wanted to try a yellow-green thuri. Just received this 6 inch thuri bout from @hatzicho . It really feels great to use. Slurries easily. The top surface is a rectangle, and the rest is odd shaped. Works well in hand. I’m still figuring it out.
  11. mr_houston

    Mystic water shave soap

    I find the MW soap scents are pretty straight forward and simple. They smell as described. It’s one of the things I appreciate about them. She has several great floral scents, even for me as a man. 2 of my favorites that are still in inventory are: Rosalimone Lily of the Valley.
  12. mr_houston

    Timeless Aluminum Razor Set

    I received a second batch Timeless yesterday and had my first shave this morning. Polsilver as my blade choice. I started carefully to avoid pressure, as warned of here. As the shave progressed, I really did not feel the need to change my normal technique. I got a very close shave with no...
  13. mr_houston

    Is anyone not happy with the Game Changer .84

    I continue to be impresses with my GC 84. It’s the only razor I would consider getting a backup of.
  14. mr_houston

    Is anyone not happy with the Game Changer .84

    I believe that the original 84 was completely flat across the bottom of the base, but is now hollowed out a bit (84p). They dont sell the original anymore.
  15. mr_houston

    Be Careful Buying from English Shaving Company

    Oh, please don’t. I believe that we are able to buy goods from this company at great prices when we buy in pounds. I am afraid that we will lose an opportunity if someone tells them about this error. For example, those 3one6s are listed at $120 in the US. In other words, I believe this error...
  16. mr_houston

    Speick Shave Stick vs Cream

    This is my experience as well. Superlather with both is a nice alternative.
  17. mr_houston

    Worth the effort?

    That's a nice razor. Good width. My primary concern with old razors is to make sure there is no active rust on the blade. Yours looks pretty good. There are some black spots you might want to check/address. I usually start with 0000 steel wool and polish.