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  1. nuclearblast

    4251 has landed.

    Not bad ... not bad at all ... 😆
  2. nuclearblast

    What is your favorite Gillette NEW?

    This English version, Doc Unfortunately I've never used one. But yeah ... the Deluxe is the best NEW. Everybody knows that ... [emoji6] [emoji106]
  3. nuclearblast

    Identification help

    Yes it's a Diplomat. Congrats. [emoji106]
  4. nuclearblast

    Rare British Blue Tip Superspeed Cased (Mint)

    Beautiful set. Congrats! [emoji106]
  5. nuclearblast

    Gillette Old Type Head?

    It's a 102A head (thick) no serial number, so 1921-'28. The handle is a Fat Tech handle, a mismatch but better than the original ball end handle IMO. Congrats! [emoji106]
  6. nuclearblast

    Schick Type O is Being Produced Again

    You can post a link as long as it isn't a live auction. BINs are fine.
  7. nuclearblast

    What is your favorite Gillette NEW?

    Yes, they're all great. My first NEW was a British FB and I still love it, even though I like the more aggressive versions such as the Deluxe a bit better. [emoji106]
  8. nuclearblast

    What is your favorite Gillette NEW?

    Should be, but IME it isn't. The English version is slightly smoother, and the American is slightly more efficient. I prefer the latter, but keep in mind that this is just my opinion based on the examples I've used. YMMV.
  9. nuclearblast

    Gillette NEW, which model?

    What Doc said.
  10. nuclearblast

    The Gem Micromatic Clog-Pruf

    Very nice set, Lane. Congrats! [emoji106]
  11. nuclearblast

    A great find today, a mint Gillette Aristocrat

    Absolutely stunning. Congrats!
  12. nuclearblast

    Thin Cap Old Type Clone - Vites DE

    The original patents expired in 1921, he couldn't do anything about it. That's why they had to introduce the New Improved Gillette Razor, supposedly better than its predecessor and all the clones. [emoji2]
  13. nuclearblast

    Thin Cap Old Type Clone - Vites DE

    Definitely a French Single Ring clone, and I'm pretty sure it was originally a 3-piece razor just like a Gillette Single Ring. Congrats, nice score, Lane! [emoji106]
  14. nuclearblast

    Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

    What he said. [emoji106]
  15. nuclearblast

    Rare Gillette

    The sets I linked above were made in Germany, but I believe these were also made in England.
  16. nuclearblast

    Rare Gillette

    Yup, '60s/70s. Achim has a similar set but this head is all metal, a French set And this one with a plastic baseplate like yours
  17. nuclearblast

    Gillette #58 British Aristocrat 1953, aluminum

    Ok ... Aristocrat Junior, still not an Aristocrat such as the #15, #16, etc ... that's what I mean.
  18. nuclearblast

    Gillette #58 British Aristocrat 1953, aluminum

    The #58 isn't one of the Aristocrat sets, but that thing is absolutely stunning. Big congrats!
  19. nuclearblast

    1920's ball end?

    There's millions of these ball end Old Types out there, but family heirlooms are priceless!
  20. nuclearblast

    1920's ball end?

    sland165 Yup, that's it! What Doak said. :thumbup1: