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    What Is Your Guitar Setup?

    I know we have to have quite a few guitar players on the forum. I'd be interested to hear what everyone is using for their current guitar setup. I'm currently playing a Gibson Les Paul. I'm running it through a Vox Lil' Night Train(a killer 2 watt tube head.) it's a single channel amp so I've...
  3. lmill999

    What I've Learned After 6 Months

    I'd like to share some things that I've learned about wet shaving over the past few months. Hopefully some new guys will find it helpful and maybe even some of the not so newbies will learn a thing or two. First, I know we read it on the forum every day, but no pressure means no pressure. It...
  4. lmill999

    What's Your Favorite Chip

    I love potato chips and corn chips. I have a hard time putting down the bag once I start. I'm sure there are many good ones out there that I have yet to try. So lets here it, what's your all time favorite chip? Mine are Grandma Utz hand cooked potato chips.
  5. lmill999

    Recommend Me A Face Wash

    I've had bad acne on my forehead for years. I don't seem to have any issues on my cheeks and neck. Someone recommended some Arbonne products to me recently so I've been using them for a few months but have only seen minimal improvements. The kit is very expensive, running $60-80 a month...
  6. lmill999

    How To Fix A Drying Aftershave?

    I have a bottle of CC Bay Rum that leaves my skin somewhat dry. Out of all the aftershaves I own this is the only one I have this issue with. I'm thinking it is due to the higher alcohol content. I've been considering cutting it with some Thayer's unscented w/aloe witch hazel. Do you think this...
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    I'm A Lavender Junkie

    Alright guys, I confess I'm a lavender junkie. When I first started wet shaving I thought everyone was weird for liking lavender so much. I had no idea what smelled like. I just knew it was a flower. It all started with Speick cream, the tube read "With relaxing lavender." I fell in love with...
  8. lmill999

    How Effective Is Clubman?

    So I'm really starting to enjoy the scent of Clubman. I take a whiff every time I go in the drug store. I know a lot of guys on here really like using it. How effective is it as an aftershave? I've heard there is some burn, which I'm alright with. I'm not expecting it to fix a bad shave but will...
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    PIF Complete Shave Kit

    Good evening everyone. I've seen some really great PIF's recently and have received a few things from some very generous members here. Now I would like to PIF some items that I really like. This PIF is open to any CONUS member of B&B. All you have to do is say you are in and also tell me what...
  10. lmill999

    Taking Blade Out Of Stainless Steel Razor?

    I recently bought an ATT Atlas which I love. Should I remove the blade from the razor after every shave? I plan to keep this razor forever and do not want to cause any issues with it. I've seen blades rust and I'm not sure if that would harm my razor.
  11. lmill999

    Your First Love

    What was the first thing in your wet shaving career that you loved? The first thing that made you say "ah this is sweet!" Mine was Personna Lab blades.
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    Need Some Expert Advice

    Every shave continues to get better for me. I consider myself a semi newbie at this point. I'm almost 6 months in and can get a pretty darn good shave now. I have one spot on my lower neck where my whiskers grow almost parallel with my skin. Every time I shave I end up with tiny red bumps in one...
  13. lmill999

    Mastering A Particular Razor

    So I know all razors will shave slightly different from one to the next. I have shaved with multiple different razors but I still have one trouble spot that I always seem to get a little bit of redness. I know my technique is not perfect yet but I can shave every other spot irritation free every...
  14. lmill999

    Friends and The Veg

    I was with a friend today and he told me how he hated shaving because it always left his skin dry and irritated. He was shaving before his shower with no prep at all. He was also not using any aftershave. He wasn't using aftershave because it burned when he applied it. He had be using the Veg...
  15. lmill999

    Saint Charles Shave

    Two of the SCS aftershaves have piqued my interest. First the New Spice splash. I'd like to know what this smells like. The description on the site is very intriguing but isn't very informative. Second their aftershave milks. I'm typically a splash guy but this cold winter weather isn't doing my...
  16. lmill999

    Water Trapped In Brush

    I received a Thater 4125//2 about a week ago. While I love it dearly I do have one complaint with it and I'm not sure how to fix it. I soak my brush and when I go to lather I shake out excess water and squeeze the brush to get the rest of the water out. I've been doing some test palm lathering...
  17. lmill999

    ATT Atlas M1 vs DE89

    How does the ATT M1 compare to a DE89 in terms of aggression? I've also noticed a lot of these stainless razors require a steeper blade angle than other razors. Usually closer to 45 degrees because of the way the head holds the blade. Will the ATT blade angle be closer to the DE89 blade angle...
  18. lmill999

    Foamy Lather For Second Pass

    My lather seems great for my first pass but sometimes the lather in my brush will be foamy and airy for my second pass instead of thick and creamy. Is this caused by too much water during the initial lathering?
  19. lmill999

    Question For All You Captain's Choice Lovers

    I have the original bay rum and thoroughly enjoy it. I like the warmth of it, the scent and the way my face feels after using it. I really dig lime scents as well so I've been considering the lime one. Does it have the same warmth on the face after using it? Is the scent lime with bay rum or...
  20. lmill999

    Over Using Badger Brush?

    Is it possible to use a badger brush too many times in a day without letting it dry in between uses? I don't see how it would be but I made a bunch of test lathers today so the brush got wet a lot. When I went to shave tonight the hair just clumped together and it didn't mix the lather very...