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  1. YetiDave


    5 litres of VG, 100ml of 7.2% nicotine (VG base) which is enough for 100+ 30ml bottles of juice, and an avocado RDTA. Absolutely love the avocado, although I'll be investing in the 24mm version eventually. Once you get the wicking right there are no dry hits, huge vapour production and the...
  2. YetiDave

    What's the best meal (or meals) you've ever had?

    I recently visited Vietnam, amongst other places, with my girlfriend. We watched a street food programme beforehand which featured a restaurant that served just one dish in Hanoi, so we had to try it! It's called cha ca - fish with turmeric, fried at the table with dill and spring onions. We...
  3. YetiDave

    Cell phone shots

    Halong Bay, Vietnam
  4. YetiDave

    Cell phone shots

    Standing guard at the Grand Palace in Bangkok. iPhone 6S using HDR
  5. YetiDave

    Just recently taking pride in photos

    I've never considered myself much of a photographer but I've managed a couple of snaps recently that I really love. I'm only using an iPhone 6S whilst travelling but it's holding up really well. These pictures were taken shortly after sunrise at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. I did edit them, but only...
  6. YetiDave


    Ah my ventures have all been at the shallow end, but I've made pancetta and guanciale as well as the usual bacon (and beef bacon) I'd love to have a bash at real temp and humidity controlled dry cures. Thankfully over the Autumn months where temps don't stray above 15C I can safely just hang...
  7. YetiDave

    Hair Styles says CAYENNE PEPPER/Vodka mixture makes hair grow.

    If any hair growth concoction actually worked, I doubt we'd see many bald men
  8. YetiDave

    Fisherman's Friend

    It'll put hairs on your chest, then burn them right back off again
  9. YetiDave

    Fisherman's Friend

    I love Fisherman's Friend. Although my favorite use is in making fisu; a Finnish drink. Simply take one bottle of vodka and add a packet (or two) of Fisherman's Friend and leave it to dissolve. Guaranteed to banish any cold!
  10. YetiDave

    Guitar players, let's see what you have!

    I've a few other guitars, but this is my basic (but VERY loud and extremely heavy) rig
  11. YetiDave


    Currently awaiting delivery of a Noisy Cricket and an Indestructible RDA
  12. YetiDave

    Homemade Yorkshire Puddings?

    Equal parts by volume of egg, milk and flour. Get that tray smoking hot with plenty of oil in it and pour in your batter. Cook until browned and crisp!
  13. YetiDave

    Spices of Life

    I like using ground fennel seed, white pepper, garlic powder and salt as a seasoning for grilled chicken (griddle pan, that is) It works nicely in a warm chicken salad
  14. YetiDave

    Fancy Pizza

    Anchovies, spicy salami, mozzarella, tomato sauce and roasted garlic purée for me. Oh, two I've not made myself but we're favourites in Italy were honey and ricotta, and pear and gorgonzola
  15. YetiDave

    Bread machine questions

    I'm not familiar with pastry flour? Can you provide the protein content? It's listed by weight in the nutritional information
  16. YetiDave

    All Clad copper core 12 inch skillet

    I basically grew up using stainless and eventually graduated to cast iron, yet I firmly believe that stainless has its place. I definitely would not use that pan for any kind of silly high heat searing as your cast will do a better job. However sauteing I would pick stainless any day. You'll...
  17. YetiDave

    want fall apart chicken

    Tenderise boneless thighs with a meat bashing device - more connective tissue to melt = more tender, fall apart meat
  18. YetiDave

    Mess Hall Acquisitions

    After eyeing these pans up in the January sales for the past couple of years I just bit the bullet and bought a full set of triple ply, copper clad pans. Time to throw out all the random junk that's been accumulated over the years!
  19. YetiDave

    Mess Hall Acquisitions

    Found another Chinese cleaver to add to my collection! A Shibazi carbon (top) and below is my CCK
  20. YetiDave

    Guitar players, let's see what you have!

    Don't have a pic to hand but I own a number of guitars - BC Rich JRV freak of the production line with Bare Knuckle Warpigs 80s Korean BC Rich Warlock in cherry red, Iron Gear pickups Jackson JDR-94 Yamaha Drop 6 Ibanez UV777BK Amp wise I run a block letter Peavey 5150 through a JCM 900 1960...