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    Need help with soap lathering

    So this morning, I tried to load it more and it ended up lathering in the soap bowl. It was too thin so I went back to my CO Bigelow cream.
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    Need help with soap lathering

    I've been wanting to try soaps, but every time I try to load the brush, it always comes out bubbly. I always shake out excess water from the brush, I even squeeze it before I start swirling, but I never get that paste like consistency. I've tried not adding water to the soap and it still comes...
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    Tutorial: How to make SuperLather with a bowl

    Is there a benefit to using superlather rather than a cream or soap by itself?
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    I just started a few weeks ago. The first time, I hacked up my face pretty good, but after that my shaves have gotten progressively better. My first blade, which came with my Merkur, left irritation on my neck and little stubbly. I just got my sample pack and used a Shark. I got a close shave...