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  1. Galhatz

    Hawk owners, how about that eco?

    I have the Hawk, v1 and v2. It is a pretty good design, and it is a top tier razor for me, with a Schick ProLine blade (albeit in that tier, the Colonial General is my favorite). I am curious about the eco, anyone has both by any chance?
  2. Galhatz

    Maseto 30mm silvertip, fan or bulb?

    I already have a 30mm finest, which is somewhere in between fan and bulb. I am trying to decide between fan or bulb for the silvertip, what is your experience with them?
  3. Galhatz

    Zenith 507 handle anyone?

    I am getting an itchy trigger finger about Zentih Manchurian. I like larger handles, the 507 looks rather nice. If you own one, would you terrible mind posting a photo next to another brush for reference? Another brush that would give me a perfect reference would be a Semogue SOC, or an Omega...
  4. Galhatz

    Schick E mod

    I couldn't find the model that opens on Ebay, so I figured why not get rid of that bump that keeps the clip in place. First I used pliers to lift the clip and turn it sideways. 10 seconds with a dremel and viola. Over 70 years old... it was pretty grimy inside.... but its clean now: Ready...
  5. Galhatz

    Sterling razor

    I got it on Ebay a while ago kind of an awkward design : two tubes sandwiched together by the handle. A friend of mine said it looks like a star wars character. When I used it for the first time, the GEM blade got inside the blade stops, yielding a lot of blade exposure and gap. It felt...
  6. Galhatz

    1886 Star Razor

    About 5 years ago I found this 1886 Kampfe on eBay. Lacking blade stops on the razor and honing skills in my hands, I set it aside, borrowing the handle for my 1914 Ever Ready. After my successful experience with the French Perfecta razor, where I used a spine from a GEM blade as a wedge...
  7. Galhatz

    Anyone uses Kiss My Face anymore?

    It used to be pretty popular here a few years ago, but I never tried it. I was wondering how it stacks up against the current popular offerings.
  8. Galhatz

    PERFECTA Rasoir

    I got this old lather catcher, which used an oversized wedge blade. My first attempt to use it with a GEM blade was yielded a very aggressive shave. As you can see, the blade angle was all wrong, and the blade gap - yikes! This is the original wedge blade, and it looks a lot more reasonable...
  9. Galhatz

    Synthetic colors - only for show?

    Hi all. A few years ago, the latest and greatest 4gen synthetic knots were the plissoft or the silvertip fibre. I took a break from synthetics but now, after being tremendously impressed with a Maggard 30mm black and white brush, I looking into getting a new knot for a restore project that I has...
  10. Galhatz

    Visiting Milan next week

    Hi all, We are going to Milan and the area (lake Como) next week, and love to hear your recommendations. Cheers Erez
  11. Galhatz

    Luckily my SBAD is confined to boar brushes

    Still looking for the one, though the latest two: a 1305 Semogue and a 11126 Omega definitely rang the "where have you been all my life" bell last week. That's after SOC, B&B, 620,830,1800, Proraso Pro, 98,80,81230, 10077... but last night I realized that I have yet to explore Zenith so I...
  12. Galhatz

    Already have a SOC 2-Band... what's next

    I have had the SOC 2-Band for 4 years now. Great brush. I usually use a boar brush though and the SOC 24mm knot is as large as I like it... So I was thinking of RazoRock or Maseto. I like the Memphis handles. Is there a point in a 24mm Maseto in 2-band finest or the RazoRock brushes, given...
  13. Galhatz

    "My father in law needs either a badger or a horse brush"

    I was greeted with this by my co-worker, knowing about my hobby and looking for advice, about making his father in law happy for the holiday. "Let's keep it at about $40..." The only horse brush I like enough to recommend is the Vie Long Epsilon, which was above that price. I told him to get a...
  14. Galhatz

    new year resolution

    I have been enjoying this hobby for 5 years now, and built up a collection of brushes and razors and creams and whatever that I enjoy tremendously. I do not need any more razors, I got plenty. But I keep buying them because it is so much fun. Same for brushes. Same for soaps. you get the point...
  15. Galhatz

    A month now with a pair of 1912s

    Hi all. A month ago I moved to a new apartment. Packing was haphazard and without too much time in my hands I put all my shaving gear in one large box: a couple of dozen of SE, DE, brushes etc. Whatever was on the previous counter got into the travel bag: Two Ever Ready 1912s, a Vie Long horse...
  16. Galhatz

    Rediscovering the MMOC

    One of the first SEs I bought was a MMOC, but at the time I was not fond of it and ended up selling it. Fast forward 3 years, I got curious about it and saw a nice one on BST so why not. Also, after a year of using straight razors, my technique did improve. This time around I treated it as...
  17. Galhatz

    Delta Echo Flaretip OR MINT Flaretip

    I am looking for a Gillette Superspeed Flaretip. My preference is for a Delta Echo or a mint condition razor. Cheers, Erez
  18. Galhatz

    Thank god for B&B and the Nook

    So 50 years of smoking and now my mother spends a lot of time at the pulmonary department for tests and what not instead like other retirees that spend it at Cafés or in the park. Today and last week I spent a lot of time with her there. This forum and the one accross the street have been...
  19. Galhatz

    How to Omega 10077 knot remove?

    I have a wonderful Omega 10077, well, the knot is wonderfully broken in. The handle is it's weakest point. Unlike other Omega brushes, it doesn't seem (to me, I could be wrong) that the knot is in a cup, rather the whole top half of the handle is the cup, with a good amount of glue from the...
  20. Galhatz

    Semogue 1250 vs 1800

    Hi all, I already have a Semogue 620 which is breaking in nicely and a bunch of Omegas that are terrific (10098, 81230, 10077 and Proraso). So obviously I got a little AD brewing here. Now I am debating between the 1800 and 1250. For those who own both brushes and both are fully...