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  1. Shaver Nath

    Shredding brush.

    Hi everyone.i have a Wilkinson Sword Pure Boar bristle brush that I bought new about 6 months ago. Lately it has been shredding a lot and I'm not sure why. I'm not sure if it should be thrown out or if there is something I can do to stop it. I have other brushes so it's not a major concern but...
  2. Shaver Nath

    Beard oil

    Hi everyone. As Movember is approaching I will be growing the goatee and this time round would like a nice quality beard oil to help combat the itching. I have combination skin but it seems to be more on the oily side. Can anybody make some recommendations? Thanks. Sent from my CPH1969 using...
  3. Shaver Nath

    Imperial Leather scent.

    Hi all. Growing up I remember my dad sometimes using a cheap can of Imperial Leather shaving foam and I once had an Imperial Leather anti perspirant deodorant can of spray. I remember loving the scent. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with this scent and knows some similar smelling...
  4. Shaver Nath

    Aftershave or balm

    Hi everyone. I really like the scent of the Barbasol sensitive brushless shaving cream. I was wondering if anyone has discovered an after shave balm, lotion or splash that smells similar. Many thanks in advance. Sent from my CPH1969 using Tapatalk
  5. Shaver Nath

    Single edge razor.

    Hi all. I'd like to get a single edge razor and don't know where to start. Can anyone recommend a few? Vintage or new it doesn't matter. Thanks
  6. Shaver Nath

    Bic Chrome Platinum

    Hi all. Was just curious what you all thought of the Bic Chrome Platinums? I was surprised to find them here in Thailand and have been very happy with far they are my favourite blade and the most consistent for me.
  7. Shaver Nath

    A mild blade for the Muhle r41

    Hi all. So I have purchased a Muhle r41 and was wondering which blade you'd recommend. I know it's a personal preference but I'd like to know which mild blade works well with it. I plan to use this razor daily doing a one pass shave WTG. Thanks
  8. Shaver Nath

    Best blade and setting for Slim Adjustable.

    Hi all. I recently received a Gillette Slim adjustable and was curious what blade and settings have worked best for people with this razor. Yes I know it all depends on individual preferences but would like to hear others results. Thanks
  9. Shaver Nath


    Hi all. Hope you're all well. I received a Super speed and a slim adjustable in the mail today. They are fine but in need of a good clean. The adjustable has some marks on the lid which I'm not sure if could be removed and the Super speed opens very un smoothly (due to soap and grime possibly...
  10. Shaver Nath

    Shredding brush.

    Hi all. So I bought a vintage Old Spice lathering mug and brush off eBay and I plan to use both in an up and coming Old Spice themed shave video on my YouTube channel. The mug is great! The brush on the other hand has a strange smell which is slowly disappearing as I keep doing lathers just to...
  11. Shaver Nath


    Hi everyone. So when I shave every day I notice my skin stays spot free. If I skip a few days I sometimes get spots here and there. I use facial cleanser and moisturizer daily. I'd like to use a facial scrub as it may be a build up of dead skin not being removed by shaving. My question is what...
  12. Shaver Nath

    Super speeds.

    Which out of the Super Speeds should I buy first. Sure why not get them all but which would you recommend first and why?
  13. Shaver Nath


    So for whatever reason you can now only have 1 razor, 1 brush, I brand of razor blades, 1 soap/cream and 1 aftershave or balm. What would you choose?
  14. Shaver Nath

    After shaves.

    Hey everyone. Hope you're well! So the dilemma I face is that my wife has always been quite sensitive to scents which makes it very difficult to find something that doesn't make her feel sick or give her a headache. She has always loved Davidoff Cool Water but I was hoping to find something I...
  15. Shaver Nath

    Cleaning and polishing a razor.

    Evening all! Hope you're well! Can anyone shed some light or possibly give some tips on the best methods to clean and polish a razor? I've read a lot online but would like some more info and also am interested in what some of you may use. I won an auction on eBay for a blue tip Super Speed and...
  16. Shaver Nath

    Shaving before a shower.

    Is there anyone here who shaves before a shower? If so what's your routine?
  17. Shaver Nath

    Daily shaving.

    How many of you shave daily using a DE razor, brush and soap? Also for those who do shave daily for work (Or maybe you just like being clean shaven), how have you found it trying to shave this way, quickly and getting out the door?
  18. Shaver Nath

    Members in Thailand.

    Are there any members here living in or from Thailand?
  19. Shaver Nath

    Cleaning a vintage brush.

    Hey everyone I just bought a vintage Old Spice mug and brush off eBay. I'm curious how I should clean the brush?
  20. Shaver Nath

    Which razor to buy next?

    Morning from Thailand everyone. I'm currently using a Merkur 34c and have experimented with quite a few different blades. This morning I tried a Feather blade. It was a very close shave. I have found that this razor is quite mild and was wondering which razor I should buy next. I want something...