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  1. riverstyxxx

    FS OSCO Blades NOS/Vintage From The 1980's

    Single Pack of 10 blades: $6.00 Box of 120 (12 packs of 10 blades): $30.00 (Two available) Price includes shipping Review Here: Vintage OSCO Blades from the 1980's You will be required to pry the top off with a pair of pliers, the oil has dried on. I needed to mention this so there are no...
  2. riverstyxxx

    Haward Razor - A new manufacturer from China, and the results are excellent!

    I ordered a 10-piece razor sample and they came in, finally had a chance to try it out. Produced an excellent result, the best I've seen come from China since Rimei and Boyou (the former being too expensive and the latter off the market). No tugging, no pulling, no razor burn. Three passes and...
  3. riverstyxxx

    Feather AS-D2 Clone - Surprisingly it works well, with a few improvements

    Picked this up on Aliexpress about two weeks ago and it arrived the other day. First impressions: Very well made. They even copied the silver matte finish correctly, on both the handle and the head, and the weight is heavier than an original (110g vs 90g). Another improvement is the blade...
  4. riverstyxxx

    I keep finding NOS blades at the flea market, here's two more.

    Interesting, they both share the same UPC number and the front packages are similar except the black/red border has been shifted on the front. One has hollow arrows (Argentina) on the blades while the others are solid (Mexico). Both dated 1991. I haven't opened them.
  5. riverstyxxx

    Found these curious NOS blades at the flea market..

    Posted on reddit but figured I'd share here too. Not sure what these really are, best guess is Personna USA's. I do know they were made prior to 1989 because that's when the label was discontinued. The price was a steal, each box a dozen packs for $5. They don't slide out of the dispenser, the...
  6. riverstyxxx

    Flea Market Find: Open Comb 30's Gold Aristocrat

    Probably one of my best finds yet, only $40. It's very weighted, condition is near-mint, looks like a keeper. Reminds me of a 40's super speed on steroids. Prices are high on ebay, I'm tempted to sell it but, I'll see how it shaves first. It came with the box, too.
  7. riverstyxxx

    Review - Pacific DE Butterfly Razor @ Big Lots for $1.50

    I picked up one of these last week and finally had a chance to use it. First of all: The selling points on the package themselves are not true, at all. The handle itself is very light, it's not "quality stainless steel" because one of the doors fell off after the first shave. The whole thing...
  8. riverstyxxx

    Proraso/CO Bigelow: Buy 3 Get 3 Free @ Bath/Body Works = 6 for $30

    Another day, another B&B sale..As if we didn't have enough already. Make sure you call ahead to see if the deal applies in-store and if they even have six to sell you. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For a limited time, Bath &...
  9. riverstyxxx

    VTG Gillette Platinum Plus From the 70's - Best Blade Ever!

    I had no idea what I was missing out on. They make every other blade pale in comparison, sharper and smoother than anything else on the current market, by a long shot. They were so good, I didn't hear a lot of feedback and before I knew it, it was a bbs with minimal effort. I was sold a nice...
  10. riverstyxxx

    Six large tubes of Proraso Green/CO Bigelow = $30 @ Bath/Body Works

    Bath and Body Works Sale going on until June 9th. Show this coupon, pick up 6 large tubes (They're normally 3 for $20) and pay $30 after discount (plus tax). Enough shaving cream for the next 3 years! You might want to call ahead to make sure they have enough in stock.
  11. riverstyxxx

    First pass always a bit scratchy, am I crazy?

    It seems like every blade I use, there's always a bit of noise and scratchiness during the first pass and it kind of bugs me. There's no tugging, it's mostly just noise and it happens with every blade. Am I being irrational or is this normal?
  12. riverstyxxx

    FS: 200 Personna Lab Blue Razor Blades $18 F/S

    200 Personna Lab Blue Blades. New in box. Also includes a sampler pack of 10+ different brands. Paypal accepted, USA only. Ships the same day if before 3pm pst.
  13. riverstyxxx

    Cella Shaving Soap 1Kg Block: $20.95 (+$7.64 USA Delivery)

    This is the best deal I've seen, cheapest on ebay/amazon is $35. Ships from the UK, I've ordered from them before and delivery takes about 1-2 weeks: Cella Shaving Soap Block - 1kg
  14. riverstyxxx

    400 DE Razor Blades (Rainbow, Racer, Big Ben, Supermax Platinum) $20 F/S

    Downsizing my collection, selling the extras. $20 (or best offer) Free shipping PayPal, Ships same/next day with tracking. Quantities are approximate, there's more than what's numbered: 200 Supermax Platinum 50 Big Ben Stainless 50 Racer Platinum 70 Rainbow Stainless
  15. riverstyxxx

    Found my father's birth razor today at the flea market!

    Very excited that I'll have something to give him for Christmas, this will probably never happen again in my lifetime. I was at the flea market it was just a random super speed, $5, that I originally passed on because it looked pretty bad but then did a double-take and figured what the hey. It...
  16. riverstyxxx and SuperSafetyRazors - False Advertising (350 Kai blades: $40) Yuck!

    700 Blades for $40* I saw that link last night and figured what the hey, too good to be true right? I bought both orders. I spoke to the company who fulfilled the order, "Super Safety Razors". They denied any knowledge, any responsibility of and claim the title says 50 instead of 350:
  17. riverstyxxx

    The Best Way To Use Williams!

    Williams shaving soap is really nice. It has a good scent, it's cheap, it dates back about 200 years, but it's also very hard and requires a 10-minute soak in hot water for an easy lather. So here's what I did: Grind it up with a cheese grater, smoosh it into a bowl best as possible, then add...
  18. riverstyxxx

    Tested Several Brands Of Chinese/Korean blades, Full Details & PIF Available

    For the past few weeks, due to rare documentation from other users, I tested several chinese (and one korean) razor blade companies lately, had some great experiences but also some not-so-great. Every blade was obtained via Aliexpress and arrived within 2-3 weeks. I'm still waiting on a brand...
  19. riverstyxxx

    Nu Boss Sensitive After Shave Cream

    Comparable in quality to Nivea sensitive post-shave, and favored for its bottom-rate cheap price. Company is called Nu Boss Inc in Rancho Cucamonga, not far from here in LA/Orange County. Can be found at random dollar stores in the area. I sent a few bottles to my grandfather last year and he...
  20. riverstyxxx

    Proraso Shaving Cream 5.2oz On Sale $6.75 F/S Ebay + 100 Gillette Silver Blue $14.06

    Green (Refreshing/Toning) Brown (Moisturizing/Nourishing) Blue (Protecting/Moisturizing)...