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  1. Bayamontate

    When crazing goes bad.

  2. Bayamontate

    Coticule prospective.

    I was sent a Le Grise to test and evaluate by someone I'm sort of mentoring as he is currently unable to obtain a shaveable edge from it. I tested several different razors, a Sheffield, Solingen, Japanese frameback, a MK and even a Kamisori and as is the case with most coticule wierdness, it's...
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    Avon meets Pinaud other aftershaves.

    I posted a picture of a straight razor a while back and someone asked if I was into Avon fragrances after seeing the bottles in the background of the photo. My father was into Avon colognes and aftershaves so the bottles were always around the house when I was growing up. While I never liked the...
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    Shavette set.

    My barber has been asking me to rescale a shavette for him after seeing several of my razors. I found two very reasonably priced shavettes with crappy scales that I switched out with faux MOP and stacked washers.
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    Kronenberg 101

    New addition to my single edge, sort of wedge arsenal. I love this thing.
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    Naniwa 220 grit lapping stone.

    For a while there I thought this thing was useless but recently I started using it paired with 200 and 400 grit SIC powder and it actually works really well.
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    Everite Razor.

    My single edge, straight razor on a stick journey has bought me to the Everite. As a straight razor only guy I love this concept especially when I don't want to strop, on the road or want to get a relatively quick shave. My Everite is NOS, never honed or used, the bevel was quite clean but...
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    New Apache Strata, old box.

    The original Apaches I tested had these beautiful outcrop patterns on it that I really liked so I asked Terry to find something to fit this box that originally housed a vintage coticule I had that split badly. The box is from circa 1910. This stone is a looker but more importantly it actually...
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    Le Grise protocol.

    I know many of us have fallen short in keenness, smoothness and/or aggressiveness when Le Grise are considered as opposed to other coticule veins. Using the Dilucot as a template I tried to figure out what changes can be made to max out on a Le Grise and found the following to work on a small...
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    My new best friend.

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    Something different.

    I apologize in advance to all the Coticule purist, while I love coticules I also like to experiment and try new things. Dilucot using a coticule slurry stone on a Apache Strata works nice. Something to play around with.
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    Degrees of Mejiro.

    I scored a Birmingham Anchor Old English straight razor and tested some Mejiro I already had with some I picked up during a trip to Japan. 6 of the 8 Mejiro I have abrade steel at markedly different speed and manner. I decided to try and put three in order of coarseness and speed and get from...
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    Striped Iyoto Henkieness

    I've been using Striped Iyoto to set bevels as part of my all-natural jnat progression for a while now. This particular stone was consistently +/- 800 grit, now it's +/- 3K. I lapped about 2mm off and it's still +/- 3K. I'm hoping she goes back to normal soon.
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    Apache Red

    Terry sent me the AR to play around with last week. This particular stone falls somewhere in the 8-10K grit range and like the AS has very nice feedback. Unlike the AS the slurry stone produced light slurry rather easily and it added marked cutting power and speed to the AR. The resulting edges...
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    Williams Menthol

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    Lucite rescues.

    I found these two brushes and they were absolutely beat. I replaced what was left of the original knots with two Finnish badger knots.
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    Apache Strata

    I've been playing around with these hones for about two weeks now and find them to be excellent. I've been looking for a simple and quick progression where I didn't have to create slurry and get from one stone to another seamlessly. Japanese natural honing is on average a one hour per razor...