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  1. Hughies_online

    Can a DE blade in a shavette give as good a straight razor shave as a Straight?

    I have tried both and in my opinion the shavette is more prone to nicking due to the square edges of the blade. However good barbers will compensate for this and will ensure the blade is maintained at the right angles throughout the shave. Good prep will also make a big difference.
  2. Hughies_online

    Age and problems using a straight

    Thanks guys. Interesting comments, particularly with water intake, which I must admit is probably much less than it could be. I shall start to rectify this beginning today. I do have the neck problems starting as well which is a good point and I have had rare hand numbness which I forgot until I...
  3. Hughies_online

    Interested in getting into Straights but.

    I never had a barber shave that was comfortable outside of Italy. Modern hairdressers (sometimes called barbers) just don't have the skills of the old continental barbers. Plus use of a shavette rather than a real straight also detracts from the experience.
  4. Hughies_online

    Single vs. Multiple passes

    I also usually do 3 passes, preferring BBS everytime I shave. My beard is tough as and I typically don't get any irritation.
  5. Hughies_online

    Stainless vs carbon steel, which do you prefer.

    I have always preferred carbon to stainless for both razors and knives, believing carbon is a touch easier to sharpen but this is more applicable to older blades. Rust has never been a problem for me although discolouration has occurred on some of my blades, possibly from acidic soaps. As a...
  6. Hughies_online

    Age and problems using a straight

    As a middle aged chap (47) I have been slowly noticing it is becoming harder to hold my straights during shaves and I was wandering whether others are also experiencing this concern. My hands are rock steady (thankfully) but the fingers are stiffening from the onset of arthritis probably...
  7. Hughies_online

    Yet another first straight shave

    A great first experience. Well done. I didn't have to prep much when I first shaved with a straight almost 20 years ago. I was covered with sweat from worrying I would cut my throat open and bleed to death!
  8. Hughies_online

    Oiling straight razor question

    Personally, I find I don't need to oil at all now as long as I use my straights every now and again. Mind you, I live in a less humid state now (Melbourne). In the tropics (Darwin), I used to oil almost daily, otherwise spots were appearing quickly due to high humidity.
  9. Hughies_online

    Post Your Pictures - The Legendary Bokers

    Used this 5/8 Master Cutter in my rotation for around 15 years. Has faithfully provided good service on each shave.
  10. Hughies_online

    The whacker 9/8 damascus

    I really don't see how it's worth so much. Yes the blade is ok. But not amazingly great...for so much money at least some jimping on the back, etc perhaps inlaid with precious metals and some fancy scales, say original bone from a corset worn by a famous Hollywood actress in the 1800's...
  11. Hughies_online

    Hughies_online's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame Entry What is your real name? Hugh What are your nicknames/aliases? hughies_online Where do you live? Melbourne, Australia What is your age (or) generation? 47 What are you in the real world? Health professional What is your favorite shave setup? Straight razors...
  12. Hughies_online

    The humble Zippo

    Like some of the others, I used Zippos all the time when I was a smoker. No need to carry one now I have given up smoking and they just occupy boxes in the house. They were leaky, often burned your eyebrows on hot days when lighting one would cause a large flame and they needed constant filling...
  13. Hughies_online

    Hello I'm new to site and need help

    I have had quality issues with the chubby recently with too much hair loss. As a result, I would now suggest shavemac
  14. Hughies_online

    Boker Master Cutter

    I just saw this thread. I have been away from the site for some time. I have used a master cutter 5/8 as a daily shaver for the last 15 years or so as part of my weekly rotation. I have attached a photo of my razor for reference. I don't know if this makes me one of the few people who still use...
  15. Hughies_online

    Sally's experence

    Nice Tech. Welcome!
  16. Hughies_online

    New to B&B

    Welcome to B&B!
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    First shave

    Welcome to B&B!