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  1. ajduplessis

    Loading & Face Lathering Techniques

    Loading Face lathering
  2. ajduplessis

    Gillette ID

    I collected this razor which I though is a Aristocrat. Bottom of base plate read Gillette, BRIT PAT, made in England and a serial number. i appreciate your knowledge.
  3. ajduplessis

    Vintage Gillette ID

    What model is this US Gillette razor?
  4. ajduplessis

    Stropping Smiley - Smiling Spine

    Silly question. Do you strop a smiling/curved razor the same as a normal straight on 3inch wide leather? X-Strokes? Anything specific to take note of as I don't want to damage my strops?
  5. ajduplessis

    ERN tang stamp

    New to ERN razors and found a Primus 671. The tang is stamped ”E”, never seen this before. What does this indicate? She shaves fine
  6. ajduplessis

    FS Straight Razor Sale - South Africa

    I have the following razors (shave ready) for sale in South Africa only. Please PM if interested Solingen Straight Razors for Sales: JA Henckels 89 1/2 (4/8) Hollow Grind with original black celluloid scales. Near NOS vintage R700 JA Henckels 50 1/2 (5/8) Hollow Grind with original black...
  7. ajduplessis

    Norton - Safety Blade Hone vs1

    Is this hone any good? why this strange shape and how is it used?
  8. ajduplessis

    Razor Identification

    I receive this blade but have not clue as to what it is. I appreciate any help, thank you.
  9. ajduplessis

    Griffon XX "Carbo-Magnetic 60" 5/8

    I am considering this razors and would appreciate your recommendation about this razor. Any good? American razor made in Germany? Do they shave well? Thank you.
  10. ajduplessis

    Old Style Gillette ID

    I am new to safety razors and require some identification of the razor below. USA made. Any help will be appreciated? Are they brass? How do I go about restoring this baby? What do they shave like?
  11. ajduplessis

    Gillette Safety Razor Identification

    Need help to identify this Gilette safety razor. I appreciate your assistance.
  12. ajduplessis

    Dovo 300 Fritz Bracht 5/8

    Is this razor worth getting as it is on the expensive side @ $50
  13. ajduplessis

    Old vs New Straight Razors Observation

    The more opportunity I get to hone and shave with new and vintage straight razors, the more I am of the opinion that the older blades just shaves better that anything new I have used. I know my shaving skill improves with every shave and I rotate my blades religiously, but evertime time I use...
  14. ajduplessis

    Bengall Info Required - Sheffield

    I received this blade today but have no idea of its history. Can someone knowledgeable please help. It seem to be in good shape, but want to know before I pay.
  15. ajduplessis

    Info on Bismarck Registered

    I received this origanal Bismarck Registered but have little info. Hope someone can add more. I thinks it’s a 4/8
  16. ajduplessis

    Cleaning blade edge before shave

    Do you guys clean the edges with alcohol before a shave, just rinse with water or just strop? I ask because a strop might might leave oils, metal bits etc causing an unhygienic edge that could lead to inflaming the skin or aggravating burns.
  17. ajduplessis

    Edge Sharpness

    Silly question if I may. There is some discussion around smooth, harsh and keen edges which leads me to this question. Can an edge be too sharp?
  18. ajduplessis

    The Humburg Ring - BFSTQUAL Silver steel

    I can’t find any useful info on this blade, hoping someone here might know more than i do. Still in need of TLC but the blade cut hanging hair. Feel a bit toothy, guess the real test is going to shave with it.