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  1. john parker

    Sitting Here Waiting for the IRS

    Been on hold with IRS for 45 minutes straight now. Their office in Ogden, UT. I know that Trump cut their funding and their manpower, but this is getting aggravating. Rather always looked at IRS as the "money-making" branch of government. Not going to make much at this rate!
  2. john parker

    Info Wanted on Valobra Soap

    Seeing the end of my AOS tallow sandalwood soap. Believe the reality or popular theory was that the AOS tallow shaving soap was made by Valobra. If that is so, can anyone tell me if the current Valobra soaps have the performance of the old, tallow AOS. Thanks!
  3. john parker

    Fragrance House Aftershaves on E-Bay Question

    Have noted, with consternation, that fragrance house aftershaves are usually considerably more expensive than their matching edt. Guerlain, Givenchy and Caron, specifically. And the aftershave version is getting harder to find on the fragrance sites. I wonder why this is? I suppose one answer...
  4. john parker

    Wholly Raw Fougeres Question

    Awhile back I bought a sample of Wholly Raw Fougere Bouquet. Really like the scent which, to me, smells much like Brut splash. Recently I read in this forum that someone thought Wholly Kaw Fougere Parfaite really smelled like Brut. Could someone who uses or has tried both please enlighten me...
  5. john parker

    Feeling Sad

    Just started my last puck of NOS AOS Sandalwood! Got started with AOS late; took awhile to believe that the scent was actually sandalwood. Now that I have come to enjoy the scent and have the lather completely dialed in, I am on my last bit! And no more to be had!!! Sad!!!
  6. john parker

    Japanese Translation Help Request

    Have this Japanese paper doll figure hanging on our apartment door. Visitor this morning asked what the writing says. I have no clue! Help please1
  7. john parker

    Blade Exchange

    Have a couple of questions on the blade exchange, and was directed here to ask. I would like to trade for two Gillette Rubie blades. Blade exchange page says to go to wiki to see blades available and select. No Rubie listed in the wiki. But on the blade exchange page, someone is sending in...
  8. john parker

    FT Feather Blades to Swap

    Would like to try four different blades, and have 10-blade packs of Feather New Hi-Stainless Platinum Coasted Blades to swap. Would like to trade for like number of Gillette Rubie Platinum Plus, Gillette Silver Blues, Gillette Platinums and Nacets. Would send regular mail, within U.S. and with...
  9. john parker

    Help Deleting Posts from Facebook Newsfeed on iPhone

    I like to keep the newsfeed section of Facebook on my iPhone fairly clean; devoid of miscellaneous junk. When I bring up some posts and click the three horizontal dots on the right side of the screen, I sometimes get an option to "Hide post" (among other options). For other posts, there is no...
  10. john parker

    EDT as Aftershave?

    In my never-ending search for an inexpensive bottle of Caron Pour Un Homme aftershave splash, was wondering what the downside (if any) would be to just using the Caron Pour Un Homme eat? Half the price of the aftershave, which appeals to my cheap side!
  11. john parker

    Please Tell Me Again!

    Gillette adjustable - what is the extra quarter turn for? I have forgotten and can't find the answer! Thanks!
  12. john parker


    Broke out the Tabac that njpaddy (Brian) so kindly pifed back around Halloween, and used it this morning! First time ever with Tabac shaving soap, and WOW!! Light Tabac aftershave aroma, easy to lather, and with characteristics of Kabinett (may cause me to break out my last half bar of...
  13. john parker

    Caron Pour Un Homme EDT and B&M Reserve Lavender Aftershave?

    Still trying to match a lavender aftershave with Pour Un Homme cologne. Fine Lavender proved to be a no-go. Currently curious about how close B&M Reserve Lavender (said to be like Caldey Island) would come? Match? Complete? Thanks!
  14. john parker

    YouTube Help

    It looks to me that YouTube is a great resource. But I don't know how to use it, it seems. And not sure I know the correct way of addressing my problem within YouTube. So I thought I would ask here. Specifically, i am trying to gather information and instructions pertinent to me on using...
  15. john parker

    Unsubscribing to Emails

    I use a MacBook Air and my email software is a Microsoft one (I think). Most advertising emails I receive have content, and have a section at the bottom where I can delete my subscription to the subscription or change the frequency of receipt. Some, however, shows up being said to have "no...
  16. john parker

    Small Portions of Cella or 3P?

    I thought I remembered seeing somewhere the big bar of Cella and 3P being sold in small chunks. Believe some retailers were cutting up the large pieces into smaller ones. Anyone know if they still exist?
  17. john parker

    Thinking of MWF Again, But.....

    Contemplating purchasing soap again. Had MWF when I had soft water, and never had any problem with it. Great lather, great shave. But now I have moved to a place with hard water. Had assumed that MWF would probably be good in hard water, given that it is old and of British origin (I figure...
  18. john parker

    Need Basic Slim Adjustable Help

    I have a slim adjustable. Its date code is K2. For whatever reason I cannot get the wiki to cough up the quarter/year involved with that date code. Please, what would it be? It sticks in my mind that there is a Gillette razor that one is suppose to turn an additional 1/4 turn after closing...
  19. john parker

    Dawn Dish Soap

    Probably a stupid question, but just why is Dawn the dish soap of choice for cleaning safety razors? It is all I use because (1) that is what my wife and now I have used for washing dishes, and (2) I use it for my razors because when I think to clean them, that is all there is in the house...
  20. john parker

    New Head for my EJDE89

    I posted an earlier thread about some pitting on the leading edge of my DE89's end cap. Edwin Jagger not only sent a new end cap, but a whole new head! Very nice! Yesterday I shaved with a new Polsilver blade, and it was a bit harsh as I find the first shave on that blade always is. After...