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  1. sandstone

    Surprised!! gift!

    that's awesome. enjoy the shaves! :001_smile
  2. sandstone

    Just received my omega 49

    Congrats on a fine shaving brush. I used mine right out of the box and it had no smell that I could detect, and it has been a joy to use right from the start.
  3. sandstone

    I have the greatest kids!

    Awesome. . congrats! and Happy Fathers Day :001_smile
  4. sandstone

    Weapons of choice

    +1...with all the options out there it is a nice feeling when you find what you like and what works for you. Well done. :thumbup1:
  5. sandstone

    ATT Revisited

    The S1 on a Kronos handle was my favorite razor of any type for years until I got the copper Windsor with the R plate. That is all I shave with now.
  6. sandstone


    Congratulations! :thumbup:
  7. sandstone

    Viking Blades emperor chrome

    sorry about this odd post. I blame my smartphone. I meant to say that this looks like a nice razor. I may have to try one soon. thanks for posting.
  8. sandstone

    Newbie Saying Hello

    Welcome to B&B. :001_smile
  9. sandstone

    Newbie saying "hullo"!

    Welcome! :001_smile
  10. sandstone

    Greetings from Santa Rosa, CA

    Welcome! Enjoy the shaves... :thumbup1:
  11. sandstone

    Gillette 7'Oclock Super Platinum (Blacks) color?

    it's normal, mine look like that too. they are great blades btw.
  12. sandstone

    1961 Gillette super speed flare tip

    That is a thoughtful gift, Steve. And a very nice razor as well. :thumbup1:
  13. sandstone

    New to DE Razor Shaving

    Welcome! I like your razor collection... very nice! :thumbup1:
  14. sandstone

    Back again!

    Good to see you back, @Baconator :001_smile
  15. sandstone

    My first custom brush

    Stunning brush...congrats!
  16. sandstone

    What is your most efficient razor that you can share with daily?

    ATT Windsor C R. I have about a dozen DEs, some vintage, some modern. The Windsor cured my RAD. I never reach for anything else now.
  17. sandstone

    Beaslebong's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Welcome to the HOF! :001_smile
  18. sandstone

    Teryaki's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Welcome, Chuck. SOC Boar is my number 1 favorite brush! :thumbup:
  19. sandstone

    In praise of cheap brushes

    I spent years acquiring relatively high cost shaving gear and I don't regret any of it. For me it has all been a part of the enjoyment of discovering the joys of traditional wet shaving. That being said, my Omega Pro 49 is as good a brush as anything I own.