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  1. deruitem

    Fragrence Review - Montale Spicy Aoud

    It has been a while since I have posted reviews but I am back. I will try to keep these coming. For those interested in my LONG thread of fragrances reviews from before see here https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/fragrance-samples-discussion-thread.449361/ Montale Spicy Aoud From...
  2. deruitem

    Frag reviews

    Should I start a new thread Add to my old one Make one for each review? Thoughts?
  3. deruitem

    Frag reviews

    It's been awhile since I have spent time here. Been thinking of starting another review thread. Anyone interested?
  4. deruitem

    Rochas Moustache Edt 2018 Anyone..?

    Let us know how it performs!
  5. deruitem

    #078 Nivea Shaving Pack

  6. deruitem

    #078 Nivea Shaving Pack

  7. deruitem

    Fragrance Samples Discussion Thread

    Ok. I'll start this back up again
  8. deruitem

    Boozy, amber, tobacco - Need recommendation!

    So many options Frapin has several options but they are also pricey. What is your price range? Under $100 or $50? Give me a range and I will do through what I have tried myself and do some research. I am also a big fan of boozy scents!
  9. deruitem


    I love it too. I got mine from notino. It's 101 and 109 for 3.4oz. right now with free shipping. Great reputable site. Some googling should find a coupon code too
  10. deruitem

    Fragrance Samples Discussion Thread

    I am warming up to it! Still has to be just the right rose note though.
  11. deruitem

    Fragrance Samples Discussion Thread

    Update on CDNI Woman Great scent and performance for the money. Love it! Today Aramis Calligraphy Rose From Fragrantica Top notes are oregano, saffron and honeysuckle; middle notes are turkish rose, myrrh, styrax and lavender; base notes are labdanum, musk, ambergris and olibanum. Another good...
  12. deruitem

    Fragrance Samples Discussion Thread

    Yes. You need to try it. If you can sample CDNI for women too
  13. deruitem

    Fragrance Samples Discussion Thread

    Larry - I think you would like any scent mixed with the right oud! It actually really good (CDNI for Women). It has changed a little through out the day but still very nice. Have you tried Tom Ford Noir de Noir?
  14. deruitem

    Fragrance Samples Discussion Thread

    Okay here we go again! Club de Nuit Intense for women Yes this is NOT the mens version that is a clone of Aventus. This is the one that is a clone of TF Noir de Noir. From Fragrantica Top notes are geranium, saffron and rose; middle notes are caraway, nutmeg, violet and pepper; base notes...
  15. deruitem

    Creed Viking

    Okay here is my take from my sample. I think I have worn it three times maybe four. I thought the sent was going to be more manly. Viking makes me think of an aquatic with some wood and smoke with maybe some musk. It is more mass appealing and fresh. I didn't like it at first but I started to...
  16. deruitem

    What's Your Brush Today?

    How is the knot treating you these days?
  17. deruitem

    Fragrance Samples Discussion Thread

    Since I see some interest I will start putting in some details. I normally get them from surrendertochance or the house directly. I also do a TON of swapping.
  18. deruitem

    Help me select my first 'adult' fragrance

    Good choices here. If you like Creed Original Vetiver try Mugler Cologne. There are SO many choices. Where do you live? What stores are by you? There are also several online places you can get samples at a reasonable price but better to sample for free from the stores.
  19. deruitem

    Fragrance Samples Discussion Thread

    Heads up! I just got a bunch of samples. Several niche. More to come