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  1. roosty

    Razor rotation. Which razors have you used the last 5 shaves?

    Merkur 37c Rex Ambassador (3 setting) GC 0.84 GC 0.84 Timeless 0.95 scalloped
  2. roosty

    Grooming Department Disappointment

    If you are worried about GD soap going down the drain too quickly I would suggest you buy the pre-shave balm. This stuff turns every soap into a great soap, it will last you years and it leaves your skin feeling great. I was having a rough week of shaves and then I used the pre-shave and...
  3. roosty

    Considering the ATT SE1 vs the Blackland Vector...

    Vector > General >> SE2 Don’t have an SE1
  4. roosty

    Fatip Piccolo (or any fatip OC) vs Merkur 37C?

    These are both great and they give great shaves. I find the 37c to be an easy razor to shave with. The fatip is a bit more efficient but it’s not aggressive to me and I tend to find most OCs don’t agree with my face. Both are keepers.
  5. roosty

    Timeless Aluminum Razor Set

    The 37c is another razor I reach for when I want an easy, close shave. For me the Timeless AL offers a very similar experience with a touch more efficiency. I use no pressure and have had nothing but great shaves with it. It’s not aggressive for me. My Asylum RX on the other hand is what I would...
  6. roosty

    Timeless Aluminum Razor Set

    I have been shaving with the Timeless aluminum everyday since last Thursday. For me it delivers an easy, smooth 2 pass BBS shave with no worries. The fact I’m still using it tells me how good it is. I buy all kinds if razors and tend to rotate. It’s a much easier shave than the .78 bronze. I...
  7. roosty

    WTB Long handle for fatip Piccolo

    I bought a TiBam titanium handle on eBay for my Piccolo and it works great. Around $60-$70 from Russia.
  8. roosty

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    SS white sage and lime
  9. roosty

    What is your favorite shave stick?

    Speick Wish the A/S had more staying power though. Wonderful scent!
  10. roosty

    Karve Stainless Steel

    I’d just like to get the PEEK razor I ordered in early April (and a C OC plate). Emails, FB post and messenger inquiries went unanswered for weeks. I won’t be ordering anything from Karve again. I’m patient but don’t ignore me once you have my money and I was by no means incessant or the like. I...
  11. roosty

    Sudsy Soapery question

    In eagerly awaiting the rain release. I had drifted away from SS for no reason other than I have a lot of soaps I rotate them. White sage and lime is tops for me and the A/S is one of the best both in scent and post shave feel.
  12. roosty

    FS Sixteen (16) razors: Modern & Vintage

    I’ll take the Blackbird off of your hands. Sent you a PM.
  13. roosty

    Karve Stainless Steel

    I just wish he’d reply to my 2 emails, 1messenger message and FB post inquiring when the PEEK razor I paid for 9 weeks ago will be shipping. Doesn’t seem to be too much to ask.
  14. roosty

    FS Polished Blackland Vector w/ Stand

    I’ll take it. PM sent
  15. roosty

    Maggard's Artisan Barbershop shave soap

    Maggards Oakmoss is one of my favorite scents, it’s absolutely wonderful and my favorite Fougère scent. I see they no longer offer it :(
  16. roosty

    Looking for a Summer scent

    Sudsy Soapery White Sage and Lime SS Uplift Ever time I use these I wonder why I don’t use them more often (actually I know why. I have too many soaps).
  17. roosty

    WTB: Declaration Grooming Dirtyver A/S

    Just dropped my bottle on the bathroom floor. My bathroom smells great but I’m bummed as it’s no longer listed on the DG website. If you have a bottle you’d like to get rid of let me know. Thanks!
  18. roosty

    Name the soaps whose scents can rank as masterpieces?

    B&M Seville Fine Fresh Vetiver Fine American Blend / PAA Cad Declaration Grooming Dirty Vetiver MdC Fougere West Coast Shaving Silk Road Chiseled Face Ghost town Barber
  19. roosty

    FS Unused Soaps for Sale: A&E, M&M, B&M, Catie's & More

    I’ll take the B&M Cool set.
  20. roosty

    My survey of nice modern razors

    Very nice review, thanks!