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    Ink bottles to stay away from with thicker pens

    which ink bottles are ill equipped to handle jinhao 159, x750?
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    Can anyone review their TWSBI GO?

    Looking into this as a knock around pen, is it any good?
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    Just bought a pilot metropolitan, need to know daily use ink info. has a fine nib

    how many cartridges do i need to buy to write approx 300 pages of 8.5x11"' paper?
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    review of aramis Devin anyone?

    can anyone review aramis devin please? thanks.
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    Aramis Havana EDT

    This stuff is amazing for only $17. great tobacco smell.
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    aspen by coty anyone?

    anyone use aspen by coty as a daily driver, how does it perform? could it be used as a office cologne or is it too strong?
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    Soap commander drive reviews?

    Anyone able to post a review on the soap?
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    WCS topaz pure badger is the a Great affordable badger.

    this badger brush whips up a great lather, doesn't shed like a long haired dog in the summer, and it was only $18. I highly recommend it. 24mmx51mm. 115g weight.
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    cremo blue cedar and cyprus?

    i have the body wash, and omg, it smells good. anyone know anything about the cologne?
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    please review rockwell 2c

    anyone own one, how are they, what is the difference between it and the 6c or 6s?
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    anyone ever tried Vanyulay soap of the gods?

    How are their soaps, looking to get a Very stout dark scented soap, either tobacco, or woodsy.
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    proraso wood and spice

    anyones used it,can give me some info...how strong is the scent, what is the scent actually like, does it work worth a darn?
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    New 26mm synth brushes from WCS

    Anyone own one willing to do a review on it, for $16 is it a good value?