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    WTS: RW Purist, CS FIlarmonica, Dorko 300

    Hello, I'm selling some straight razors off that are out of rotation: 1) Robert Williams Purist - Too short for me, I like longer blades. The bevel on this is uneven, I've tried to capture it in pics. It came to me this way and hasn't affected shaving performance. It basically has a microbevel...
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    Determining touch-up time with pics

    Howdy, I was wondering if anyone had pictures of a razor that needed a touch-up on the stones. Can you see anything going on with the bevel? Or is it all edge action anyway (which doesn't translate in photos well)? Just curious. And I like pictures of razor edges.... Thanks, Raymond
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    Examples of some JNats

    New Jnats. Well, old Jnats I that was taking picures of last week. The first 2 pics are the front and back of an 330mate stone. It gives off some good action but a little slippery if that makes sense (not much water needed!). I haven't fooled around with where it fits into a progression. I am...
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    YSL's La Nuit De L'Homme

    Anyone else try this? The Basenotes reviews are really terrible, but there is just something in it that I like. Of course, I'm a complete cologne newbie (I've had lots of cologne gifts and never used them) so maybe it's catering to newbies. But then, you'd think they would make the damned stuff...