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  1. urr-lord

    Summer Frag For A Guy Who Generally Doesn't Like Summer Frags?

    I have been looking for a summer aquatic scent this year and have been positively underwhelmed by most of the stuff out there.Nautica versions -light scent not much there IMO.I have LaRouche Horizon which is a dark aquatic.Budget buy-If you have a TJ Maxx near you or don't mind a blind buy...
  2. urr-lord

    Great and affordable aftershave and cologne sets

    Where are you located?That will help guide us where to point you.If you are in southeast find a Rose's or Maxway store.They are a family dollar type store with a better clothing selection and from time to time they get in some nice cologne/after shave sets usually for around 10 dollars.Stetson...
  3. urr-lord

    Ordering up some vintage Avon

    Everest is rarely mentioned but it is nice , a "green " grassy-minty smell I like it and it lasts all day at a low level.Oland is one of the few avon products that may get skunky if not stored correctly.Blend 7 was Avon's shot at a British Sterling type scent,not bad at all.Tribute is a very...
  4. urr-lord

    Beer of the Day - BOTD - 2019

    genessee light in a pan of taco meat to give it a bit more flavor depth
  5. urr-lord

    Sung Homme

    A lot of people on line compare this stuff to Irish Spring soap.I don't get that.There is a soapy component but to my nose it is a high quality spicy lavender soap.Smells quite a bit like some turkish bath soap I have.It is pretty nice,nothing revolutionary or daring.Just a solid nice scent.I...
  6. urr-lord

    Claiborne for Men cologne

    A brief review and some thoughts of this product. I have seen this product in TJ Maxx(11$) for the last month or so an have sprayed it a time or two into the box and was on the fence about it.Last week I sprayed some one my wrists and walked around the store for a half hour or so.Wow! I really...
  7. urr-lord

    Excessive Scalp Sweating

    Sage is said to help with excessive sweating.Drink it as a tea or get capsules and take one every day.I use sage,ginger and cinnamon in capsules to help with diabetes.Whilst using this combo I noticed that I was sweating less.So it may work for you too.
  8. urr-lord

    black is black-aqua essence

    I have been looking around for a new aquatic for this summer.I picked this up at TJ Maxx for 10 bucks.I read online that it is a clone of Chanel blue.I sampled it in the store nice,not exactly the standard aquatic the assistant manager was putting up shelves and asked her opinion she gave it a...
  9. urr-lord

    Colonge Finds At TJ Maxx and Marshall's

    No problem Zipslack. I just picked up 3 more colognes at Maxx. Black is Black -aqua essence. Claiborne for Men. Curve Wave. Zipslack,you may want to check out the Claiborne.It has a resinous pine needle scent kind of camphory,not quite eucalyptus but nice.
  10. urr-lord

    John Wick 3

    i really liked the first one,the second was okay.hopefully this one will be good. also in sniper iirc the protagonist tells one of the govt agents "out here a good dog is worth more than you are.threaten my dog again , I might mention to the sheriff next time i go into town where you are buried."
  11. urr-lord

    Hot Dog Sauce???

    in the south it was a bag full of Krystal's
  12. urr-lord

    Hot Dog Sauce???

    There are regional variants on 'dog sauce.Coney island,cincinatti,greek style ,usually beef simmered a long time with different spice mixes.Chili powder for the tex,nutmeg/cinnamon added for the greek,as some have pointed out paprika in others as the main spice.I have seen some of the cheaper...
  13. urr-lord

    Proraso Green Appreciation Thread

    Add a little glycerin to your hand before you pour the a/s in it.Massage your hands together and run them through your hair for a cooling hair tonic with light hold . also it pairs well with Pecksniff's Classic edt and Classic match Polo clone
  14. urr-lord

    The body shop Maca root shaving cream review

    I just picked up a tub of this at TJ Maxx.Good stuff although it could last me years.Since I'm only shaving my upper cheeks and my neck line.It does not take much.
  15. urr-lord

    Colonge Finds At TJ Maxx and Marshall's

    just picked up another bottle of pecksniff's classic and professional. list: Kannon Bourbon Craft(i would like another one or two) Pierre Cardin that's all i can recall right now Beall's English Laundry Windsor gift set(10 bucks cause something leaked) and a few others CitiTrends Aspen and...
  16. urr-lord

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    prorasa green
  17. urr-lord

    Kidney stone.

    Kidney stones most likely have a genetic contribution,both of my parents had them.There are several types of stones,calcium and uric acid are the most common.I also suffer from gout so mine are most likely the uric acid type.I tend to have stone activity in the summers when I am sweating a...
  18. urr-lord

    Kidney stone.

    I have passed many stones,the largest was 6.5 mm.I saw stars/flashes of light while passing that one.I have been on morphine for one and had to have a fentanyl kicker added to it as the morphine quit working in about 12 minutes.I had lithotripsy done years ago and had 4 stones in my right kidney...
  19. urr-lord

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    valor shave balm
  20. urr-lord

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    polo club rogue