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  1. Rickpa

    Not red Personna, blue. Not Israeli, but American Platinum Chrome.

    I just bought a 100 pack of Personna blades! What makes it unusual is that these are American made Persona platinum chrome blades. I have never heard of such a thing, but they are available from the Personna store front on Amazon. I used the Rockwell 6C on plate 4. I put the overall shave...
  2. Rickpa

    Timeless Bronze Open Comb VS Solid Bar: an extreme case of YMMV

    In an extreme example of YMMV, the Timeless Bronze SB felt a bit aggressive to me, and I tended to get a weeper or two, and a good bit of irritation while trying to get BBS in 3 plus passes. It wasn't easy. The Timeless Bronze OC, on the other hand, gave me BBS in 2 passes and cleanup with zero...
  3. Rickpa

    Leaf Razor

    I am not entirely sure where to post this, as the Leaf doesn't fit into any shaving paradigm. It uses half DE blades, and you can shave with it using one blade, two blades, or three blades. It tilts like a cartridge razor, or OneBlade, and seems to shave it the same way. After watching some...
  4. Rickpa

    Supply: The Single Edge V2!

    I have been seeing glowing reviews popping up around YouTube over the Supply Single Edge Razor and decided to jump right in. After some okay shaves on the "Classic" mid setting plate, I went to the aggressive plate and have had consistently excellent shaves. Unlike the Personna blues that I have...
  5. Rickpa

    Perception of a mediocre shave that is really an excellent shave

    It seems to be a common occurrence that I am doing a touch up pass, and I just can't seem to get it right, so I give up. I figure that I am just not going to get it right without making my face a wreck! Then rinsing I discover that I have a DFS, and a near BBS. Is it common to think you have...
  6. Rickpa

    Finding the Grail... well the blade actually

    Into my second week of DE shaving with my Rockwell C6, and I have been wrestling with a 100 pack of Personna blues. My shaves with the Rockwell blades that came with the razor are fine, as they appear to be a mild blade, but I have tried 4 Personna blades, and they can be quite mean. Using the...