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  1. global_dev

    New contest for a new item!

    Used to live on an island in the Far East. Went for a nice snowboard after a hike in the mountains, ended up stuck in deep deep snow at a fence blocking my path. took me many cold & wet hrs to push sled myself to an open area. exhausting and had a lot of time for “introspection” on the decisions...
  2. global_dev

    Need advice on this massive Sheffield

    definitely take into account the honewear that already exists and the scales that you’ll need to add or pay someone for. not a bad blade, especially if it really is 9/8s. some love or hate shaving with a 9/8s. thats a big width to get your vision around.
  3. global_dev

    Are you a common man shaver or a niche shaver?

    Definitely not a common shaver here, but my h/w is pretty much vintage and my s/w is not really artisan flavor of day. I’ve actually found myself quite often lately using a multi week used, if not way more, bic select twin disposable with boar and on sale TFS croap rather than the more exclusive...
  4. global_dev

    Is there something wrong with me?

    i’m not a fan of traditional bay rum either.
  5. global_dev

    Unbelievable find, 5/8 goldedge with all original sleeve

    iirc, those aren't the ones with cell rot, it's more the translucent versions; however that doesn't mean I am correct. keep an eye out. it was cell rot liable, I'd expect you'd have seen something else on the metal.
  6. global_dev

    What did you hone today?

    Honed up a NOS CVH N.24 5/8s on chosera synths 1,3,5,8,10.. pretty good. The original edge was serviceable after 70+ years and didn't respond to a drop to 5K, so back to 1K to give it a go.
  7. global_dev

    Iwasaki Kamisori company information?

    looks like iwasaki historical info on family and metal
  8. global_dev

    Calling All Wet-Shavers... We Have A Puzzle...

    The name behind the private label hjm Hans-Jürgen Müller GmbH & Co. KG.
  9. global_dev

    From two passes a day to one pass every two days; my perspective

    i absolutely cut down on the frequency and passes and love the free time :001_tt2: i usually do two easy passes and move on. I skip days or weeks all the time to keep expectations similar. the only thing that is bad is that shave soap doesnt get used up as fast.
  10. global_dev

    Do you get a closer shave with a boar brush?

    Hey tube, thats a pretty good response and i kind of agree and relate with most your response. I get along with them, but i don’t understand why folks would give up badger for it. I only have one synthetic now, and its ok. a tuxedo i think its called, not dense enough for me. I was actually...
  11. global_dev

    Do you get a closer shave with a boar brush?

    Are you face lathering? Or changed the application style, if bowl lathering? Which boar? I have 4-5 very different boar brushes and i find i have to spend the most time trying to develop a good lather with my SOC. Have you changed anything else?
  12. global_dev

    global_dev straight journal

    Been a while since i recorded a straight shave. used the dorko above a couple times, but really have been out and about and got used to a bic twin select that has just been super smooth for me across many many shaves. finally had some time to grab a new to me CVH 24 that i believe to be NOS with...
  13. global_dev

    ....and then it hit me!

    nice! congrats
  14. global_dev

    Who Here Shaves Off Diamond Paste?

    I've gone back and forth on honing concepts, tried very many, felt the "gaia" of natural stones and the relative ease of synthetics/film. They clearly aren't all the same in the end, even if honing isn't your game; however the following quote made be recall some articles I read last year...
  15. global_dev

    I think I botched it

    I am guessing your razor is one of these, probably the first one, but the second one appeals to a lot of folks also. Both are rebranded Gold Dollars and even though the retailer says "No need to hone this beauty, it comes ready to roll. Well balanced carbon steel, with good weight on the...
  16. global_dev

    Restore or dispose?

    yup, clean it up and use. It won't be a pageant queen or runner up probably, but it will be nice enough to enjoy using.
  17. global_dev

    Hanging out with a Local Favorite Son

    very cool!
  18. global_dev


    my wife complained when i brought home a cast aluminum griddle so i picked up a baking steel to use instead, love cooking on it.
  19. global_dev

    Banana Republic Eau de Parfum sale 50-70% off

    In store looks like BR fragrances this week/weekend are on sale. looking on fragrantica, some nice reviews and homage comparisons. 1oz around 7-10$ and 2.5 oz around 15-20$ depending on the store.