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  1. roosty

    WTB: Declaration Grooming Dirtyver A/S

    Just dropped my bottle on the bathroom floor. My bathroom smells great but I’m bummed as it’s no longer listed on the DG website. If you have a bottle you’d like to get rid of let me know. Thanks!
  2. roosty

    Chatillon Lux Lavender A/S & Cologne

    I have been on a lavender kick lately. Agua Lavanda Puig, Fine Lavender, Lisa's Lavender A/S balm and the latest CL Lavender A/S and cologne. I find the CL to last all day and has that great post shave feeling. Whatever is in the CL A/S my skin likes it. The best is to start with Lisa's...
  3. roosty

    What next?

    I have a Blackland Sabre GEM and an Asylum RX. I am trying to hold off on the next purchase but...... what's the point? I read a lot of ATT mentions in the SE forum. Is that the next razor to try?
  4. roosty

    The progression of my disease - there is no cure nor is one wanted!

    I think I first became aware of wet shaving from the Art of Manliness website about a year ago. A google search or two and I discovered B&B. I would look around B&B and think "that looks interesting but wet shaving seems like a pain to me, what's the point?" After a couple of weeks of lurking I...
  5. roosty

    Where to buy Rive Gauche by Yves Saint Lauren?

    What would be the most reputable place to purchase? I see options with and without a tin can, does that matter or mean anything? Thanks in advance!
  6. roosty

    If you could only have one scent from the following soap makers what would it be?

    1. Fine Accoutrements 2. Grooming Dept. 3. Declaration Grooming 4. Wholly Raw 5. B&M 6. Stirling Thanks!
  7. roosty

    I thought my RAD was over and then I bought a Blackland Sabre razor!

    I have been wet shaving just about a year. For the first couple of months I held strong with my tub of TOBS sandalwood, cheap badger brush and Viking razor. Then I found B&B and SAD quickly set in. DE RAD soon followed followed by BAD. I had settled down on all with the occasional soap and AS...
  8. roosty

    Paladin brushes are simply wonderful

    I have had the fortune to pickup 2 Paladin brushes with the CSLD4 knot and they are easily the best in my den. Soft, very dense and with enough backbone to lathe up hard soap pucks with no worry. I enjoy all my other brushes but the Paladins standout with their ability to build, create and hold...
  9. roosty

    2 months in and I am really getting it figured out

    I don't recall how I ended up on B&B and discovering the world of wet shaving. I remember my first reaction was "there are people who post pictures of brushes with shaving cream on them? What kind of world have I wandered into?" A few weeks of lurking and I took the plunge and bought a Viking...
  10. roosty

    Fluted razor handle?

    I saw a picture on the forum somewhere that looked like a Timeless razor with a scalloped cap and heavy flute handle. The handle matched the cap perfectly. I cannot find this picture now. Anybody have knowledge or recommendations on where to look for a fluted razor handle? Thanks!
  11. roosty

    Patchouli shave soap recommendation?

    Anyone have something they have used and liked? Thanks!
  12. roosty

    Great shave with TOBS Lavender today

    I have been wet shaving just over 6 weeks. My first cream/soap was TOBS sandalwood. I got bit by the SAD and in a little over a month I have about 20 soaps and a few creams in the mix. Today I thought I would try the TOBS lavender I have. Wow! Lathered up so quick and easy with my Maggards...
  13. roosty

    Timeless Razor and West Coast Shaving have come out with their own soap lines

    Shaving Soap: Timeless Razor's Signature Scent by Oleo Soapworks Artisan line of Shave Soaps and Aftershave Colognes Anybody have any yet? This won't help my SAD at all!
  14. roosty

    How much soap is too much soap?

    20, 50, enough for the next 6 generations after you to use? If my soap acquirement disease turns into razor acquirement disease I will go bankrupt within 6 months.
  15. roosty

    Uncle Jon's Bay Rum Soap

    I recently purchased Uncle Jon's Bay Rum and Pipe Smoke shaving soap and aftershave after reading some positive reviews on the Pipesmoke here. I had my first shave with the Bay Rum last night. Wow! I love the smell (I wish I could describe it but I am not well versed in describing scents, all...
  16. roosty

    roosty's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? Shane What are your nicknames/aliases? Roosty Where do you live? Holland, MI What is your age (or) generation? 45 What are you in the real world? Engineer What is your favorite shave setup? Timeless 0.68 scalloped base AOS best brush What are...
  17. roosty

    4 weeks in

    Good morning, As the title says I am about 4 weeks into my wet shaving journey. I can't quite remember how I arrived here other than I think I read that wet shaving was cheaper than cartridges. Well, that has proven not to be true. I started out with the standard Amazon best seller Viking...